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    Amazing that 25 years ago, while conducting operations off the coast of California aboard the U.S.S. Merrill, an emergency message came to us, and the Captain announced on the 1MC that the Space Shuttle Challenger had exploded shortly after takeoff that morning. The Captain ordered the officer of the deck to close the coast so that we could see it on shipboard televisions. My first view of the incident was a still shot, and talking heads were describing what none of us had seen yet. The film rolled, our jaws and our hearts fell through the floor.

    Later, we watched this on the TV. Some of you have never seen this, and I hope you'll take a moment of pause to honor their memories.

    Thank you.

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    01-28-11 09:13 PM
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    I remember the day. The price for progress is high. Their sacrifice won't be forgotten.

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    01-28-11 11:39 PM
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    I saw this on television when I was nine, we'd stopped en route to my sister's to see it at an aunt's. That memory is one that is permanently etched in my mind, as is the memory that it was going to happen again when I was sat down to watch the next liftoff. Years later I applaud preserverance in the wake of tragedy, but then I was filled with horror as I was sure we were going to lose more brave and intepid souls just like the Challenger 7. Even to this day anytime I catch live coverage of liftoffs I stay quiet once the engines ignite until the boosters break away.

    In memorandum Challenger and her crew.

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    01-29-11 12:45 AM
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    I have not forgotten this day.

    I was in grade 4 when this happened. I had come home from school for lunch and had to watch Inspector Gadget {it was new at the time, nothing more} which was on at noon. My brother wanted to watch the shuttle take off live, which seemed a little off because he was completely oblivious to the world outside of sports. Anyway he said after it got into space I could have the tv back.

    Once the pieces left all in all different directions I came to the sudden realization that their not going to space and immediately flipped the tv back. Out of the corner of my eye I remember my brother just staring at me in complete disbelieve and I didn't understand why.

    When I made it back to school for the afternoon I overheard another boy say that the shuttle just exploded and that the crew were all killed. Till this day I'm still at lost as to how I didn't register what had happened until after I heard someone say it, even after seeing it live. When I seen pieces flying off in all different directions all I know was that they were not going to space.

    Years later my brother would be taking his girlfriends daughter to school when a song would be interrupted to announce of passenger planes hitting towers in New York. His girlfriends daughter would change the station because she wanted to hear music.
    01-29-11 03:56 AM