1. BergerKing's Avatar

    77 Sunset Strip and Grease actor Edd Byrnes passes at 87.
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    01-15-20 02:39 AM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    01-15-20 06:10 PM
  3. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    JRR Tolkien’s son Christopher dies aged 95

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    01-16-20 08:54 PM
  4. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Singer-songwriter David Olney dies on stage during performance at Florida festival

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    01-19-20 09:04 PM
  5. Ragbert's Avatar
    Terry Jones, director, writer, comedian, and Python, dies at 77. :-( :sob:


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    01-22-20 08:49 AM
  6. Ragbert's Avatar
    Jim Lehrer, Longtime PBS News Anchor, Is Dead at 85


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    01-24-20 05:52 PM
  7. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    BBC News - Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash - US media
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    01-26-20 02:08 PM
  8. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Source: Kobe among dead in helicopter crash https://es.pn/2RwJSrX
    via @ESPN App http://espn.com/app
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    01-26-20 02:16 PM
  9. BergerKing's Avatar

    Founder of the Ranger line of bass boats, Forrest L. Wood, dies at 87.
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    01-26-20 04:15 PM
  10. JAS0NB0URNE's Avatar
    Source: Kobe among dead in helicopter crash https://es.pn/2RwJSrX
    via @ESPN App http://espn.com/app
    01-30-20 07:37 AM
  11. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Alan Harris, the Actor Behind Bossk in The Empire Strikes Back, Has Died

    02-02-20 12:46 AM
  12. BergerKing's Avatar

    Suspense writer Mary Higgins Clark dead at 92.
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    02-02-20 01:12 AM
  13. BergerKing's Avatar

    Racecar driver John Andretti dead at 56.
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    02-02-20 01:16 AM
  14. BergerKing's Avatar

    Harold Beane, guitarist for Parliament Funkadelic and Isaac Hayes dead at 73.
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    02-03-20 03:35 AM
  15. BergerKing's Avatar
    02-05-20 05:52 PM
  16. BergerKing's Avatar

    Pedal Steel guitarist from New Riders of the Purple Sage, Buddy Cage, has died.
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    02-05-20 05:56 PM
  17. conite's Avatar
    I was starting to think he'd live forever.
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    02-05-20 06:54 PM
  18. Ragbert's Avatar
    Another obit for Kirk Douglas:


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    02-05-20 07:21 PM
  19. BergerKing's Avatar
    02-08-20 04:47 PM
  20. BergerKing's Avatar

    Actor Orson Bean killed by vehicle collision while walking at 91.
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    02-08-20 04:53 PM
  21. BergerKing's Avatar

    Actress and dancer Paula Kelly dead at 74.
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    02-10-20 04:00 AM
  22. BergerKing's Avatar

    British actor Patrick Jordan dead at 96.
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    02-10-20 11:59 PM
  23. Ragbert's Avatar
    Ladysmith Black Mambazo founder Joseph Shabalala dies :-(


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    02-12-20 12:56 AM
  24. falbo's Avatar
    Caroline flack found dead today.
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    02-15-20 04:12 PM
  25. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Former Blue Jays SS Tony Fernandez dies at 57 https://es.pn/2OYXomx
    via @ESPN App http://espn.com/app
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    02-16-20 01:17 PM
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