1. Engire's Avatar
    12-07-12 10:59 PM
  2. louzer's Avatar
    She's bizarre even by Louzer standards!
    12-07-12 11:11 PM
  3. Engire's Avatar
    12-07-12 11:17 PM
  4. louzer's Avatar
    12-07-12 11:26 PM
  5. louzer's Avatar
    12-07-12 11:28 PM
  6. wu-wei's Avatar
    I don't know, they're a tan, tan....sandalwood? I don't know what the **** you guys call it. Now listen, fvcking half of these things are broken, and I got a job to do, and I'm VERY angry.
    12-07-12 11:49 PM
  7. louzer's Avatar
    We're 1313 posts behind the AC thread!
    12-08-12 12:21 AM
  8. wu-wei's Avatar
    We're 1313 posts behind the AC thread!
    How far behind are they on likes?
    12-08-12 01:09 AM
  9. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    Well I believe it's the best place to write my 4Kth post !
    I'm Superfly, I'm real ... and I'm proud to be a CB nation Member !

    hey, don't call me SuperBad, I could like it !
    louzer, kbz1960, Engire and 7 others like this.
    12-08-12 02:22 AM
  10. wu-wei's Avatar
    So, did you give them your tip?
    12-08-12 03:38 AM
  11. wu-wei's Avatar
    Guess they changed the rules when they saw I had a head of steam up. LoL
    12-08-12 03:51 AM
  12. wu-wei's Avatar
    I had some free time tonight, so I went ahead and added about 2,500 likes....we're now at 150,000:

    The CB 1M post Challenge!-mwsnap-20121208-01_57_04.png

    The CB 1M post Challenge!-mwsnap-20121208-02_11_14.png

    The CB 1M post Challenge!-mwsnap-20121208-02_22_13.png

    The CB 1M post Challenge!-mwsnap-20121208-03_34_34.png

    The CB 1M post Challenge!-mwsnap-20121208-03_35_02.png

    Yeah...pretty boring.
    Last edited by wu-wei; 12-08-12 at 04:43 AM. Reason: Sorting out the image cluster that default upload created
    12-08-12 04:38 AM
  13. wu-wei's Avatar
    And no, my math isn't off...I started in the 147,400 range and got through 58 pages (at 40 per page). Which means I've still got 180 of those pages left to go through before I'm caught up.
    12-08-12 04:45 AM
  14. middbrew's Avatar
    Good morning 5000 land. Here's to a great Saturday and stay pantless my friends.
    Last edited by middbrew; 12-08-12 at 06:54 AM.
    12-08-12 06:43 AM
  15. middbrew's Avatar
    As long as it says "Nice Pair" since the only way to find and count these is the forum search.
    Ahh yes, I can see my dry sense of humor might be hard to understand sometimes.
    12-08-12 06:57 AM
  16. kbz1960's Avatar
    I got a feeling this is gonna get right absurd.....Not that there's anything wrong with THAT
    Now that's a nice pair.
    12-08-12 06:59 AM
  17. kbz1960's Avatar
    Musta been a slow night. Everyone else have company too?
    12-08-12 07:01 AM
  18. middbrew's Avatar
    Midd's getting the hang of this. Nice Pair on the nice pair on the... hmmm I forget.
    Nice pair on the double nice pair. But I have to ask, does a double nice pair make it a negative and cancel out the nice pair?
    12-08-12 07:03 AM
  19. middbrew's Avatar
    Musta been a slow night. Everyone else have company too?
    Company? We are suppose to have friends? Well Damn, I'm going to have to go out and buy some now. Is mail order the best way?
    12-08-12 07:06 AM
  20. middbrew's Avatar
    I'm having coffee and a breakfast bar this morning.
    12-08-12 07:07 AM
  21. middbrew's Avatar
    I'm having coffee and a breakfast bar this morning.
    It's a nice pair.
    12-08-12 07:08 AM
  22. middbrew's Avatar
    It's a nice pair.
    Do you know what isn't a nice pair? Having to wait 30 seconds between posts.
    12-08-12 07:09 AM
  23. kbz1960's Avatar
    lmao, it doesn't. I am really liking this thread though. With the exception of the OP, I don't think anyone else knows what this thread was supposed to be about. Hopefully this thread continues even after we find out....if we ever do.
    Nice pair
    12-08-12 07:10 AM
  24. kbz1960's Avatar
    Do you know what isn't a nice pair? Having to wait 30 seconds between posts.
    Nice pair of waiting pantless.
    12-08-12 07:11 AM
  25. kbz1960's Avatar
    It's a nice pair.
    That is a nice pair.
    12-08-12 07:13 AM
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