1. middbrew's Avatar
    IM BACK!!!
    12-01-12 06:57 PM
  2. bungaboy's Avatar
    320 ish to go.
    12-01-12 06:57 PM
  3. pantlesspenguin's Avatar
    Now i want bacon after seeing that
    I have plenty. Unfortunately most of it is wrapped around habaneros.
    12-01-12 06:57 PM
  4. jafobabe's Avatar
    Are we all waiting for KBZ to finish with his PIZZA or sumthin' ???
    12-01-12 06:58 PM
  5. middbrew's Avatar
    Some day when I'm not in posting madness mode I'm gonna come back and watch a lot of the videos.

    That'll take days!
    That it will. Somewhere buried amongst the posts I calculated how long it would take to read and watch all of them. Of course that number has changed.
    12-01-12 06:59 PM
  6. Bold_until_Hybrid_Comes's Avatar
    Those guys looklike gollum peeping out
    12-01-12 07:00 PM
  7. jafobabe's Avatar
    I wonder if I can stay up long enough to see the 20,000 post?
    12-01-12 07:01 PM
  8. middbrew's Avatar
    My forum name is from the time in between the first blackberry bold and the first qwerty/touchscreen blackberry. At the time it wasnt known "bold" was a series name. There was just one bold, the 9000.The "hybrid" phone was the elusive "magnum" which turned into "dakota"(9900). This took about two years to come out after i signed up. So essentially my name was a vow to keep my 9000 in use until the hybrid phone came out. Now its hybrid until London comes. And I was pantless the whole time.
    12-01-12 07:01 PM
  9. middbrew's Avatar
    But, are you pantless? Febreze maybe? Even?
    Well then, you're doing it wrong.
    12-01-12 07:02 PM
  10. sputneek's Avatar
    I just now PM'd back Sput and didn't know it either!!
    Don't worry Jaff i got it
    12-01-12 07:03 PM
  11. pantlesspenguin's Avatar
    Someone tell a funny story.
    12-01-12 07:04 PM
  12. middbrew's Avatar
    What does FIFY mean
    Fixed It For Ya
    12-01-12 07:04 PM
  13. middbrew's Avatar
    MISSING LOL oops darn playbook
    I just blame it on too much beer.
    12-01-12 07:09 PM
  14. bungaboy's Avatar
    I wonder if I can stay up long enough to see the 20,000 post?
    12-01-12 07:09 PM
  15. kbz1960's Avatar
    MISSING LOL oops darn playbook
    LOL? There is a LOL, here? Not just pb
    12-01-12 07:10 PM
  16. middbrew's Avatar
    What hockey
    I'm guessing with out hockey it's all p0rn
    12-01-12 07:10 PM
  17. kbz1960's Avatar
    In front of all of us in this thread?
    Sure, why not nothing you ain't seen before
    12-01-12 07:12 PM
  18. bungaboy's Avatar
    Those guys looklike gollum peeping out
    12-01-12 07:12 PM
  19. kbz1960's Avatar
    And more.
    Always room for jello

    The CB 1M post Challenge!-jell-o.jpg
    12-01-12 07:13 PM
  20. Bold_until_Hybrid_Comes's Avatar
    More people should show food pictures
    12-01-12 07:14 PM
  21. middbrew's Avatar
    Whats a top poster is that number of posts or number of likes
    A top poster is the people in all of the forums who post the most. It's shown in the upper right of the forums.
    12-01-12 07:14 PM
  22. kbz1960's Avatar
    Each one of us is sitting in a 50k thread pantless
    12-01-12 07:14 PM
  23. sputneek's Avatar
    Someone tell a funny story.
    Here I'll let George tell you one

    12-01-12 07:15 PM
  24. kbz1960's Avatar
    well i remember the post and i still think you're a creeper.

    The CB 1M post Challenge!-cryingwithlaughter.gifClick image for larger version. 

Name:	cryingwithlaughter.gif 
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Name:	cryingwithlaughter.gif 
Views:	17 
Size:	8.0 KB 
ID:	127033
    12-01-12 07:16 PM
  25. middbrew's Avatar
    Just refresh, the thank button is on and off, we probably broke it http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-chores017.gif
    What's this we ish? You need to own up to the stuff you do.
    12-01-12 07:16 PM
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