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    Wife forgot to get herself smokes... grrrrr...
    02-23-13 05:47 PM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar
    My wife looked at me in horror when I whipped up a batch of hot dog stir fry one night. Very skeptical until she took a bite.
    02-23-13 05:47 PM
  3. Lendo's Avatar
    Send the non-smoker to the store to get smokes...
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    02-23-13 05:47 PM
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    This was all I could find searching

    Missed 40K ?

    Always late congrats cooking along TWSS like like like like thanks awesomesauce pill commercials febreze TBL logic morning night nurse piece TWHS like like like lajik old sucks FIFY accounting deduction train rides CRUSH damn the luck duck **** moose like like buzz dream VISION old older febreze TWSS Ish ford Chevy sucks Vegas duck it ain't so leave duck alone nipples not the duck afraid voyeurism knitting goat sheep billy boots chores hump lurkers ISWYDT tea coffee soda bewbes LOL like like thank nachos middbonger likes coffee leaches basement mummers post post like like like no power power post likes it pantless TWSS not that there is anything wrong with that after before no more than 2 later like like ERMAHGERD 200ish to go sheep lie BAM green eggs dude remember don't C note box fox like like like TWSS 50ish 3 man caves scurry birds eat clock smell it febreze it po0p countdown BergerKing 41K congrats congrats like like like thank discount double check

    ERMAHGERD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jaff loves B U T T avatar warning headed NW Penn space time continuum 41K FAT or NTFS THEM TWSS like like like video pic duck damn the luck raisin bran good call sloppy seconds seahag down for the count gym holding it wrong post wh0re like like like thanks dodge TWSS video speed of light possessive about their beer sprayed good call coffee tea soda hamsters teal shuuuuuze Bears Browns Mt. Dew jeopardy febreze like like like getting off Friday diapers taco bell chicken dirty watcha ya gonna do 50’s temp FIFY ISWYDT like like like grapes 400ish to go outside bad summer time Clyde Bonnie melting wood eye Sith new toy (L) jealous TWSS TWSS TWSS like like like thanks ISWYDT have you tried it zipper ish trying febreze go back later bottoms up bar post damn the luck no breaks pron 84is coffee the way I like it sloppy seconds feels good do it like like like TWIAS gardettos king of bergers snags 42K

    Goo thru a goose 2 in a row like like like thanks thanks febreze TWSS antenna sputter time 16K for BK walk school snow up hill videos pics like like like FIFY TWSS time travel jeopardy sex dirty chicken post wh0re SSM febreze duck old avatar have to sell phones thanks button TWSS like like like video pics prediction doh bewbs congressmen morning dells pickle hamsters tea coffe wu-wei 2 giggles pantless PPP decides I knew it not holy crap TWSS azz damn(ed) the luck duck like like like 600 noon like bottom Err Err Errrrrrrmahhhhahahahahagerd talk dirty mud pantless ankles flux pie only 2 phones jumping for joy twins triplets pics video like like like what? Hear me now pokey FIFY like this back forward now future you did it duck boat/car FIFY TWSS like like like pic video sputter 4,000 set of 6 boat nice pair sisters shart ish stop for no one clowns suck lets see 44K by then cookin not my thumb febreze rules TWHS TWSS holy sh!t in awe lag? Congrats wu-wei for making the 43K post

    Pantless deal avatars sideways devil sputters TWSS proper wu-wei mixture TWSS TWSS like like like duck sister chicken holes FIFY only 2 shuuuuze thanks thanks pantless too small louzer does to pics broncos lose what forgot naked pics wanted scary 12K for middbonger Ermahgerd! Smelly balls x-files good call 24hr challenge CDT lajik nooner sealed basement night owls tie game double goal pantles like like like thans TWSS wine wu-wei only 2 ahead behind anticlockwise birds 49’ers win CFMPs superpowers random posting like like like penguin dance pics stalker back febreze 12-14 knots old show videos what I missed FIFY TWSS TWSS Jaff 4,300 post like like like hold breath and post same time pantless thing to do 30 second hold up and the winner is Engire 44K post 1762 post in 24 hours

    Missed 45K ?

    This is not a milestone note but was requested
    Had to go back to page 1132!

    Didn’t now porky pantless night morning pics videos epic run pantless Christmas driving snow mom lol like thank lol like like questions answers basement mom foil Bungholio Robert Loggia boobs gardener FIFY thanks like like duck song alphabet TWSS TWHS self quote pantless ISWYDT tunes louzertar young Frankenstein rap battles impressions TWSS pantless febreze myans nice pair non sense blonde caddy where who what when ERMAHGERD 29000 congrats awesome right left right socks dam store walk funny non sense wackjob wack wack shrinkage post febreze outta here there football foil wackadoodle worm spoiler bring back old

    Sorry a lot more to cover since it’s been moving fast

    Toes curl milestone chart glenfiddich random like like like pantless febreze at&t creepy Kevin pops in nooner Ri27chard 1 post coffee other threads post count Bobert_123 pops in of course the damn(ed) duck fun like like like TWSS pics for the women pics for the men some talk about phones of all things not that there is anything wrong with that videos like like like pantless febreze Chrysler transmissions suck stiff nipples worlds largest rope swing zing (ha louzer said it) mummers bohemian rhapsody da f’n duck gags done by 30th he!! Yes clowns squeal more phone talk more car talk pantless like like like TWSS FIFY you’re doing it wrong llama vs duck shuuuuuze playbook BB10 before Jan 30?? Deep and wide rear ended videos FIFY I don’t know no TWSS like like like pantless getting close ddlax22 pops in burr bacon 200 ish Q wants Springsteen’s B U T T TWSS 5,000 like like like ISWYDT 3’s a charm penguin 75 ish sleeping bear appears calling sputter insurance febreze like like like louzer leaves to watch but comes back to post more TWSS TWSS dangerously close ………………….. sputneek snags the 46K pantless post!

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    Old congrats 3000 ish to finish line missing thanks like like like pantless febreze stinkin still louzer gets sputter gif uploaded gremlin no sleep bologna sith bd behind caught up FIFY TWSS like like like trouble makers 6 months antiscrew up 5,500 pantless posts kbuzz battery boy comes in TWSS TWSS the damn(ed) duck yet again ubizmo shaves? Nice pair hamster condom wheel wonky posting error error repeat post repeat post only one sput never get caught up a lot of new members coming to post due to Q shouting out in a new thread ISWYDT FTW louzer drinks to that baconlube post like like like pantless febreze TWSS TWSS BK 673 pantless posts impressive louzer reaches 6,000 pantless posts bongaboy drinks to anything found my thrill on sputter hill working like like like questions from newbies TWSS ISWYDT 2 rules 300 pantless posts for TUMPUR febrezin turkey? Mummers louzer drops family guy hints anyone read the whole thread Howard drinks wu-wui’s valium mobilemadness002 pops in 5 short of the milestone middbrew snags the pantless 48K post wh0re deserving

    Fun congrats TWSS TWSS like like like thanks lab-a-lion duck (everyone loves that duck) sushi and 14 pages sputdevil turkey cold penguin bacon dispenser TWSS can’t stop us now FIFY good call ISWYDT random pantless pigs fly thanks AWOL not the duck (everyone loves that duck) thanksgiving again? Captain4 gets up for midnight post donmateo keeps post target video BK throws a log on the fire sputter bewbs are back huge bewb pics where’s the beef morning morning like like pantless febreze new people should make a big day Sith goes on an epic posting streak mummer is sleeper per TEMPUR need coffee Q working at home getting nothing done drjay post at midnight differently penguin gets teeth cleaned hump day damned Atlantic penguin warmer (not a snuggle penguin) madness no crazy sing off doc is inverted febreze spraying hit it when you can blood to both heads damn the luck grapes lemonade what am I participating in most epic hijack of all time randomness Sith suggest new title after 50k smurfs pantless TWSS TWSS fest like like like thanks gone febreze gravity videos all about nothing Timmy’s hockey talk mummers Sith makes 1,000 pantless post krispy creams masahiro contemplates tissues in a box number possum SSM stays random Q asks about trucks lengend like turtles no touches truck bambinoitaliano is trapped PK goes on a 50K pic run pantles like like like 30 seconds sucks flying right along post wh0res 50K on the way massive posting wonky again annnnnnnnndddd oh no kbz snags the 49K pantless post on to the 50K goal

    Sorry, went way too fast and it's cut

    Congrats like like like pantless bungaboy thanks top pantless posters sputter fixes truck with hose FIFY quote sputtmummers is nice bunga and SSM racing for 1,000 pantless posts TWSS quoted BK references different strokes penguin predicts 50K today wu-wei post random pics penguin has no cavities the count pantlessness like like like FIFY damn 30 seconds that mods don’t have mongo SSM makes his 1,000th pantless post climax zone bongaboy makes his 1,000th pantless post ghost peppers by penguin renaissance a flurry and confusion about louzer and Q and who made the 50K panltess post both get $50 for crackberry store via Kevin

    Guess I skipped 51K ?

    I don’t do mornings Duggers sputter post streak Rhut Rho febreze like like like BK has 10 kids phoreoneone makes 1,000 posts (not all pantless) porcupine damn(ed) the beaver sputter threatens dream FIFY duck TWSS like like like never fails Q is cold sex ERMAHGERD penguin awareness day ISWYDT Hugh six is SSM limit cute nose pet penguin olympics febreze like like like spencerturkey may be derrick skin little rock hid im fine fif the redt if tbe dsy turkeys wind mike hunt louzer makes Q avatar a couple times kbz makes 6,000 pantless posts FIFY like like like TWSS Z posting run Clarence beaver middbonger and z contemplate catching pantless and otherwise posts air guitar Jaff’s red caddy pop and meat by BK sleepnbear makes a cameo plazmic flame want’s link wu-wei helps Arkansas febreze sputter FIFY’s cheerleader hooker pig in a canoe louzer gets caught up drink time super_fly fr pops in bongaboy take awhile pantlesspenguin is hungry wu-wei TWSS fest damn the luck BK truck trouble spencerturkey goes to the mall pantless with a turkey on a leash PPP thinks things are silly z helps PPP where did sputter go Z makes 19K post (not all pantless) walmart FIFY TWSS like like like legs on back louzer wonders where scionic is annnnnnnnnnnd BK snags the 52K pantless post!

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    Kbz gifts 54K to TEMPUR we-wui has place holder for louzer who is missing animals train owners Jaff is sick again bonga is PO’d about power and loss of electronics trolls garden and other (internet trolls are wishnecks now) TWSS mummers like like like mooning trolls sputter has many voices along with Jaff and kbz louzer gets things done with fingers pandas docj checks in FIFY TWSS like like like Ermahgerd sputter shaves SSM pops in spencerturkey checks in middbonger isn’t sure wu-wei love weather pantlesspenguin is ready for VEGAS BABY FIFY TWSS sputter bong pics videos like like like pantless sputter makes 4,000 posts TEMPUR hates job BK sleeps in bacon fest with songs and movies Q wants spring sleepngbear bacon fest jakie wants patience TWSS TWSS g2 gets quoted everyone in the pool tea = d!ck, coffee = pu$$y, and soda = bewbs renee giggles mikeplus pops in FIFY cumpets vs English muffins lak likes recipe moose like like like jaff and tempur febreze latex don’t go out there too late ddlax pops in contracts suck SSM makes 1K pantless posts grandma’s electric blanket spencerturkey doesn’t know what day it is PP goes to bed early flight VEGAS BABY BK mentions choobies h20 pops in louzer virgin avatar sick better like like like louzer makes PP a VEGAS BABY avatar louzer Who fest trelawrence pops in 1 2 3 ….3 BK plays oldies kdb84 pops in sheep not the duck like like like penguin pancakes posting fest what the heck? 30 secs rule? Trelawrence makes the 55K pantless post


    I did a copy and didn't save and then copied the link to open another page whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    Short version

    Tempurmental snags the 56K pantless post

    Rest time food purse louzer says onward to 57K ERMAHGERD VEGAS BABY PP is tired climax too soon TWSS great call like like like thescionic changes the pron industry kbuzz catches Jaffers bug Jaffers and sputters race for 5K posts sputter needs glasses again stop that bunga biology test TWSS put the ***** bong down Nah nah nah nah! FIFY nags tempur in trouble try harder sputter takes a leak while making his 5K post jaff congrats sputter for her 5K post horseshoe tempur makes a lot of food and goes for 1K posts turkey meh bowl mummers wool suit FIFY like like like congrats moth balls stink spencer thinks pro bowl is bad febreze tempur tells stories on the way to 1K posts frg_rc pops in thescionic swooshing pants frg_rc is lazy louzer giggle sputter tempur makes 1K posts sputters stalker appears via louzer BK beer league vary the pace BK video run flip4bytes pops in kbuzz grows his own and is still sick middbrew bets today TWSS like like like pantless febreze that’s gonna leave a mark 5K can get new title warm January weather tempur hungry again true pantless gesture sputters 2 o’clock somewhere forked tongue FIFY TWSS SSM snags the 57K pantless post

    Missed 58K ?

    Basement BK doesn’t put up with crap febreze jar sleepngbear is disgustermicated BK plucks the duck and sticks it in a turkey like like like pantless 5,000 thescionic learns new ipad extra wide drawer Jaffers feels better SSM doles out thanks tempur is sick z is still sick video fest sputter has eight track spencer is bummed louzer admits is wrong PP is busy and sick hot toddy bunga is stubborn 8 ball or 9 giggle like like like sleep post TWHS z slaves sleepngbears head hurts z needs protection talk to yourself pantless hawt SSM has Mexican Walmart trolls Q says yay Z10 or Q10 sit on a roll TWSS like like like louzer covers her with BACON and goes on a post run jaffers laughs and keepers koncoberry stops in bunga pantless groundhog day sputter surprise tumpur jealous bewbs sputter is worried louzer up to 65K louzatars TWSS man cave jaffs brother dated Linda Ronstadt tempur tavern bear strip TWSS hello anyone home what’s gong on jaffers in the time space thingy TWSD hot dammmmmmnn sleepngbear snags the 59K pantless post

    Missed 60K ?

    BK video run of SuperBowl commercials SSM has lots of alcohol scriddly pops in sputter FIFY slow posting in 50K don’t drive on Vicodin per louzer bunga gets a Z10 Jaffers observes the thread is missing many pantless posters and goes on a posting run lendo is po’d it bugs middbonger when people do that scriddly can has zed? Past present and future like like like thanks rambling louzer licks the screen febreze FIFY louzer goes on a posting run z thinks things are normal bewbs spandex PP doesn’t play that way BK video run bunga builds a windows home server houshinto pops in pig in a thong sputter pantless ******* PP wouldn’t have it any other way giggles and gaggles tempur takes the word for it Jaffers explains gaggles and giggles and geese middbonger has beer good call like like like ishy Russian chalk board sleepngbear pops in lendo does BB10 for dummies louzer makes another sputter spandex davinci snow storm hits some hard scionic is cold but heats things up Ermagherd coca cola bears like like like come out to play duck goose tag olley olley quarters like like like BACON sleepngbears pupper dogs bong BK pics from out west site wonky again batfish febreze Lendo snags the 61K pantless post!

    Achmed dead suicide bomber BK photo run and get his 2K pantless post Kevin pops in for CB Z10 app sea sick lendo wasn’t born yet duck like like like tempur’s magic potatoes thumper zoom sputter and bunga get punny giggle lendo gets links working bunga makes first post for CB app on Z10 g2hockey jaffers wants to know cost of Z10 in Canada nationality z and jaffers going to Canada for phones and chicken dumpling soup mary jane busted drugs young like like like crossing the border basement moose old young sleep in PP goes to gym hair cut red them huge TWSS FIFY like like like 70’s platform shuuuze lak pops in sleepngbear does a face plant middbonger still doesn’t understand TWSS h20work pops in blue hairs tumpur is thread yoda middbonger reads brail snausages jaffers goes for prunes z doesn’t tell BK gets title changed to CrackBerry Gearjamer middbonger makes his 14K CB post lendos Z10 is broken and gets replaced louzer is posting again ginger mod hijacked thread dad bear be careful what you wish for premature posting BACON tempur makes the 62K pantless post

    Bear wants to know if they have bacon pantless not that there is anything wrong with that jack off TWSS FIFY like like like PP scores OT mummers buzznotes TWSS BK makes his 18K CB post Jaffers lurking sputter not passing go artwerks pops in bunga is handy and didn’t grow up tempur feels like she won thing like like like middbonger only listens if paid door mouse spencerturkey has a wet morning caught in the forums BK rolls thescionic says screw them ubizmo pops in tempur misses it zombies brains TWHS pantless dreams like like like Jaffers good call middbonger agrees sputter in denial morning slacker videos suppository houshinto and Q pop in playbook update Jaffers makes her 3K pantless post febreze lost mind daddy bear mummers said space time thingy bacon bewbs TWSS prude TWSS giggle middbonger post run TWSS FIFY h20work pops in jaffers saving for BB10 won’t give one to middbonger Jaffers questions everything louzer goth sidewalk chalk and Jaffers makes the 63K pantless post

    Port wine FIFY 399,296 likes louzer has a drunken typo on a roll TWSS FIFH like like like BK busts a few likes at 5,600 CB posts jaffers is outta here louzatar febreze middbonger never gets lost nehvada pops in good morning kbuzz gets kicked murphys law middbonger post run ish happens sputters ding dongs bewbs febreze like like like pantless heart attack good call kbuzz makes 21K CB posts not when I sing it FIFY on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on secrets shhhhh BK on a hook sputter near Milwaukee louzer makes 8K pantless posts bunga is late for supper scionics condition is in condition Father Guido Sarducci pantless night jaffers is out louzer discusses manners brother nice to hear singers If this don't kill ya . . . . Nothing will middbongers singing sucks too FIFY the duck BACON SSM pops in tempur likes judge judy and has a 3 day weekend h20work peeps middbonger isn’t z lendos likes overtake posts jail pizza and beer lendo makes 1,200 post barbecued elephant big snow blowers old 5K louzatar bear pops in electronic log pantless gadgets derail butter butter butter bear says no kbuzz snags the 64K pantless post

    Thank you very much turning the corner mouse overs mikeplus1 video run engire joins in FIFY like like like lendo boo’s louzatar gingerbread Jaffers threatens to sing while on a post run louzer TWSSes sputter lighter Led Zepplin thescionic ay caramba’s and video run tempur up at 5 bunga brings the news middbonger hates it when that happens DITTO like like like afternoon delight BK rrrrrrraaaawwwwaaawwwwrrrrraawwww’s Jaffers daughter driving TWSS bunga gets 4K cb posts esty duct tape lendo no honorable mention in what who knows safety cooked pig TWSS FIFY sputters tired tempur is lonely red stripe joins in spencer passes thru burnt pig febreze dreaming md_a_dot joins in jaffers birds Sith is a mod? SSM pops in mc_a_dot makes 100 CB posts teal shuuuze booby prize real maple syrup WSOP player like PP TWSS like and thanks gone fear not BK’s memorial thread middbonnger makes 10K pantless posts! Wave to relatives TWSS TWHS tempur isn’t going to ask BK isn’t a peterbilt driver in your mouth thescionic is sorry cranky tempur makes 2K CB posts FIFY kbuzz believes you’re right #3 needs a life sly devil nice pair tater tot casserole tempur gets confused louzer is in a frenzy bat light going to be a rush penguin data base errors jaffers stuck out there with them getting close page 2600 where did everyone go here it comes Jaffers makes the 65K pantless post

    Middbonger hits 10K pantless and 15K CB posts pantless awesomesauce FIFY louzer wouldn’t mind thescionic video run mc_a_dot sneezes jaffers makes it back safe TWSS TWSS BACON TWHS sputter makes an exception ISWYDT TWHS like like like joker TWSS good wishes for mc_a_dot’s surgery mikeplus1 spinning LP’s no pants horse of a different color BK got beat to it lendo is still confused thescionic nudes tempur has ballons box account red stripe is home buzznotes space time thingy pantless jaffers contemplates pay backs mint 14 wu-wei pops in no more than 2 PP gets lots of snow reubechs youth typing them sleepngbear thinks it’s wrong camera covered febreze sleeping foot engire snow in Tucson Sith a mod dognam style middbonger guesses not bad singers hauling berrywizard holy cows middbonger CB BD xandermac last post was 300 something tempur pants off micro dot weather daddy bear has shelter kaye kay kayne K snow bound penguin kazoo post run time out? Ilikebacon pops in rub it in giggle everclear lendo center of it all hit it post wh0re tempurmental snags the 66K pantless post

    Shiera99 has an oops poles vibrating febreze pantless like like like louzer is up to 75K louzatars quote upside down posting red stripe and middbonger race louzer gives a pantless review to newbs BK is easy going onward BACON midterminatorbrew blacklatino happy bd bunga thinks it’s Febrezetastic! Good call K Kay Kaye Z buzz blah revtech pops in Thinking muckaluck Jaffers want’s to buy a Z10 needs frequencies 3 times 3 is 9 achmed kill you Z10 rant away louzers 9650 takes forever to install no renaming the thread pm g2hockey thachoc1 and red strip run louzer doesn’t change K number on louzatar ramble pantless way like like like tempurs computer is making her mad duff and doughnuts grey poupon jwwduke looks in mirror beginners luck a race for 66,666 jakie55 pops in lendo makes the 66,666 pantless post cow peeing on a flat rock daddy bear has iphone friend that like Z10 lendo make 1,500 CB post indeed squeal Duke BACON BK updates g2hockey situation jwwduke knows piranha louzer hates when someone parks close Vaseline pigs fly TWSS milestone within a milestone red stripe snags the 67K pantless post

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    02-23-13 05:48 PM
  5. Lendo's Avatar
    She's just not being honest....
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    02-23-13 05:48 PM
  6. BergerKing's Avatar
    Too late, I was already posting. Deal with it.
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    02-23-13 05:48 PM
  7. Lendo's Avatar
    She just wants me to pay for them.
    02-23-13 05:48 PM
  8. kbz1960's Avatar
    40 pages and 1000 likes later :P
    Good job man
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    02-23-13 05:49 PM
  9. kbz1960's Avatar
    Love it!!! I hope you are saving all these BuzzNotes somewhere... Would still love to see a History of all in one document!! *hint hint*
    I found what I could and posted above ^^
    02-23-13 05:49 PM
  10. kbz1960's Avatar
    only 50 posts to go to my 6,000... wonder if I can do it today?
    Piece of cake
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    02-23-13 05:50 PM
  11. Lendo's Avatar
    I musta liked to many posts.. the button is gone again.
    02-23-13 05:50 PM
  12. TEMPURmental's Avatar
    Sticky keys are not fun, click click click click thud, thud, THUD. #&=à&$(+ THUD!
    Hey BK, how are you this evening?
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    02-23-13 05:51 PM
  13. TEMPURmental's Avatar
    I just made homemade Macaroni and Cheese :P
    And good evening to you too Lendo, Homemade mac and cheese sounds good too.... lol
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    02-23-13 05:52 PM
  14. TEMPURmental's Avatar
    That's my lunch for the week, now to decide on what to make for my dinners.
    Yeah, I like to cook for most of the week as well, seeing that I travel three and a half hours a day to and from work. Don't feel like making meals when I get home at night.
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    02-23-13 05:54 PM
  15. TEMPURmental's Avatar
    Chicken wings are always good, but not sure about microwaving them :P
    Yuck, no, no. never do chicken wings in the microwave. lol
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    02-23-13 05:55 PM
  16. TEMPURmental's Avatar
    Wife forgot to get herself smokes... grrrrr...
    Ahh Haaaaaaaaaa, too late I posted.
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    02-23-13 05:56 PM
  17. TEMPURmental's Avatar
    My wife looked at me in horror when I whipped up a batch of hot dog stir fry one night. Very skeptical until she took a bite.
    Hmmmmmmmmmm, Vewy Vewy interesting, I would be skeptical about that too, now tell me how do you make hot dog stir fry????
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    02-23-13 05:58 PM
  18. Lendo's Avatar
    Yeah, I like to cook for most of the week as well, seeing that I travel three and a half hours a day to and from work. Don't feel like making meals when I get home at night.
    I've got 2900 miles preplanned already for next week. Gonna cross 2 provinces and 5 states before I'm done.
    02-23-13 06:00 PM
  19. Lendo's Avatar
    I'm still in the Top Poster slot you bunch of slackers :P
    02-23-13 06:01 PM
  20. kbz1960's Avatar
    I'm still in the Top Poster slot you bunch of slackers :P
    Savor it while you can
    02-23-13 06:02 PM
  21. Lendo's Avatar
    Ok, now that you're all posting again I'll give you a chance to knock me out of the top spot. Headed to the store.
    02-23-13 06:02 PM
  22. Lendo's Avatar
    What do you think of my avatar? I designed it meself :P
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    02-23-13 06:02 PM
  23. kbz1960's Avatar
    I'm starting to catch louzer in pantless posts
    02-23-13 06:03 PM
  24. kbz1960's Avatar
    What do you think of my avatar? I designed it meself :P
    I think it is evil. Like you
    02-23-13 06:04 PM
  25. TEMPURmental's Avatar
    Savor it while you can
    Yup cause it switches up quite a bit. lol
    Lendo, kbz1960, jafobabe and 3 others like this.
    02-23-13 06:05 PM
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