1. sputneek's Avatar
    Bear has 4864 and I have 8970. So he has 36 more until 5000 and I have 30 more until 9000. We'll both hit at about the same time.
    Yay,'nother milestone day
    02-03-13 12:25 PM
  2. bungaboy's Avatar
    With the amount that you drive, you would have virtually no gas expense!
    Who was it said "You can neither create or destroy . . . . . . for that matter"
    02-03-13 12:26 PM
  3. bungaboy's Avatar
    I'm waiting until April. I'm ready for a new car but want to wait until I won't get salt all over it.
    Up here you would be talkin' Juneish. LoL
    02-03-13 12:27 PM
  4. sputneek's Avatar
    Had to switch to the computer. One more second of (attempted) typing on the PlayBook and I was gonna break something.
    Bridge it and type on your phone!! Lawzah taught me that one, don't know why that never dawned on me before! (Oh boy!, talk about leaving one's self wide open....)
    02-03-13 12:28 PM
  5. sputneek's Avatar
    We're going over my SIL's. She's among the bottom 10 worst cooks in the world.
    As long as she don't boil the bacon!!!

    02-03-13 12:30 PM
  6. bungaboy's Avatar
    That was cruel.
    Speaking of cruel . . . . . . have a fecken look at what the thread topics and discussions are on the "outside".

    I had hoped the release would help do away with the trolls/trolling/haters. Boy/Girl was I ever wrong. (And most haven't even touched the GD thing yet!)

    These guys/gals are worse that the "shorters". So much misinformation and outright lying for a piece of technology. Arghhhhh.

    I am trying to remain calm and civil but it is tough. LoL

    Well with any luck I'll have a new Z10 on Tuesday and I won't give a flying (use you preferred choice of expletive).

    Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.
    02-03-13 12:41 PM
  7. sputneek's Avatar
    Just got in for playin pool, won more than enough for my Z10 and accessories......I'm a happy camper .
    02-03-13 12:43 PM
  8. BergerKing's Avatar
    02-03-13 12:44 PM
  9. TEMPURmental's Avatar
    I can't say as I do. What are they?
    candies, the shell tasted like cardboard but the little candies inside were nummy..... the shell was sorta like dried cotton candy. if you can imagine what that would taste like.
    02-03-13 12:47 PM
  10. sputneek's Avatar
    I'm runnin' outta gas!!
    02-03-13 12:47 PM
  11. sputneek's Avatar
    I hardly have any gas expense on the car I have now.... I drive 6 miles a day and fill up once every month and a half.
    Aaaaaaaaaaaand drive in style!!

    02-03-13 12:52 PM
  12. TEMPURmental's Avatar
    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, quite the artist I see..............................
    02-03-13 12:52 PM
  13. bungaboy's Avatar
    **** me! I've got 9000 CB posts!
    (Can't wait to see what this looks like quoted a bunch of times in this thread!)
    Looks Fecken Grand!

    Oh, BTW, a BIG congratulations on the 9000 pantless CB posts!

    You now an honorary Cape Bretoner.

    The CB 1M post Challenge!-louzer-cape-breton-certificate-large-.jpg
    02-03-13 01:14 PM
  14. BergerKing's Avatar
    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, quite the artist I see..............................
    The inventor of the Etch-a-Sketch has assumed room temperature.
    02-03-13 01:17 PM
  15. BergerKing's Avatar
    We just enjoyed some French Toast and delightful bacon.
    02-03-13 01:19 PM
  16. louzer's Avatar
    There are some places that specialize in chicken and waffles. Apparently it is quite
    popular in soul food circles. And chicken biscuits are good, too.
    02-03-13 01:23 PM
  17. bungaboy's Avatar
    Congrats Sleepngbear on achieving 5000 pantless posts. Well done!

    For that you deserve that nice new green Mini. Throw beargas to the wind and just do it!
    02-03-13 01:24 PM
  18. louzer's Avatar
    Better re-check their hardware quality, it has been suffering, of late. And HTC is declining in sales, big time.
    I'm hoping I don't have to.
    02-03-13 01:25 PM
  19. bungaboy's Avatar
    Nite Bear and congrats again! That was a true pantless blast!
    No sh!t?
    02-03-13 01:26 PM
  20. louzer's Avatar
    That thing looks very cool - especially for around town errands. My only concern is that it looks like hitting a pothole would be painful!
    02-03-13 01:27 PM
  21. louzer's Avatar
    Just take a look at this thing, Sputter says if it works okay it will get a new home in the man cave. lol. It's got to be 100 years old at least.

    I have one like that. I used to love the little red button in the keyboard for moving the mouse around. It was very accurate and by being located within the keyboard, you never had to move your hands off while typing.
    02-03-13 01:29 PM
  22. TEMPURmental's Avatar
    We just enjoyed some French Toast and delightful bacon.
    I had my pancakes, they were very nummy, no bacon though, tummy doesn't seem to want too much.
    02-03-13 01:29 PM
  23. bungaboy's Avatar
    Congrats spencerdl on your 4000th post ......yea I know everyone missed that. Even ME
    Well done Sir! My deepest apologies for having misssed the moment. Congrats on the 4K pantless posts.
    Last edited by bungaboy; 02-03-13 at 03:46 PM.
    02-03-13 01:30 PM
  24. louzer's Avatar
    Congrats Spencer on your 4K posts.
    Hey stranger! All geared up for the big commercial tonight?
    02-03-13 01:35 PM
  25. louzer's Avatar
    Hey stranger! All geared up for the big commercial tonight?
    Oh. And I think that there will be a football game burried somewhere in there as well!
    02-03-13 01:36 PM
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