1. louzer's Avatar
    And how quickly do they pop?
    They don't if you don't pick them.
    01-27-13 10:24 PM
  2. louzer's Avatar
    I'm guessing a moth's balls are pretty small.
    See riddle a few posts up ^^^^
    01-27-13 10:25 PM
  3. louzer's Avatar
    Now I am totally confused, thanks alot, don`t even have a train of thought left in my head. Duhhhhhh. lol
    That's a train in vain.
    01-27-13 10:26 PM
  4. louzer's Avatar
    And smelled them, they stink.
    Offensive interferance! 15 yard penalty.
    01-27-13 10:28 PM
  5. louzer's Avatar
    Ahhh, yeah, gotta love it. lol, but still don`t quite remember where I left off.....................tee hee..........................
    If you don't remember, I'm not going to remind you!
    01-27-13 10:29 PM
  6. louzer's Avatar
    They were in the jacket pocket................................
    That's an odd place to keep his smelly small white balls!
    01-27-13 10:30 PM
  7. louzer's Avatar
    Wow, forgot to check, how many more posts do I need.,
    I don't know where you are now, but in the future you have 1005 posts.
    01-27-13 10:32 PM
  8. louzer's Avatar
    Wow, whats going on in here? , the Pro Bowl is still BAD. Will not be around much longer. Turned to Galaxy Quest......yea I know
    You should be in the BB10 thread with Kevin and the gang then! But save your posts for here.
    01-27-13 10:33 PM
  9. louzer's Avatar
    Maybe you need to update your anti-virus definitions
    Too late. I think he's infected.
    01-27-13 10:34 PM
  10. louzer's Avatar
    Wow this thread refuses to die, doesn't it?

    Until when will this thread go on?

    (Not that I'm complaining the mass of insanity here is pretty awesome )
    Refueses to die? It's organic! It's viral! It'll probably be going on long after we're gone! And insanity is relative since most of my relatives are insane!
    01-27-13 10:39 PM
  11. louzer's Avatar
    This is better than TV ...
    That's not saying much these days!
    01-27-13 10:40 PM
  12. louzer's Avatar
    Oh. One more thing!
    300 More Posts Until 57K!
    01-27-13 10:41 PM
  13. louzer's Avatar

    This thread shall live forever, it needs a new goal though.

    Any Ideas?
    It exists from milestone to milestone. It's much more fun that way.
    01-27-13 10:42 PM
  14. louzer's Avatar
    WOW! That is some story! The post actually moved in front of you, not that you would run into anything!
    Jumped right out in front of her!
    01-27-13 10:43 PM
  15. louzer's Avatar
    Maybe Get rid of the "50K" part, and put something more according to the new "spirit" of the thread. How about "The ∞ Crackberry Challenge"?
    The 'Challenge' was 50K. We've met the challenge and are just continuing on. This is not so much a thread as it is a lifestyle - a pantless 5000 lifestyle. And we're just using the thread as our little safe haven among other more 'dangerous' areas.
    01-27-13 10:47 PM
  16. louzer's Avatar
    Ok, time for me to checkout of here. I need to go get something to eat and fill up the pickup with gas for the ride tomorrow morning.
    Night middbrew. Have a safe trip in the morning and keep warm.
    01-27-13 10:48 PM
  17. louzer's Avatar
    Are you trying to hit 1000 posts today?
    That was her goal. I'm trying to get us closer to 57,000 posts so that we can hit it in the morning. The avatar prize for the person who posts the 57,000th post is one of my better more creative ones so far! You might want to keep an eye out for 57,000 as it approaches.
    01-27-13 10:51 PM
  18. louzer's Avatar
    I need to get to three digits at least.... I've been a member for almost two years and I'm still in two digits! It's a disgrace!
    Jump right in. The water's fine!
    01-27-13 10:52 PM
  19. sputneek's Avatar
    Well then we know he must be done!
    jafobabe, louzer, kbz1960 and 2 others like this.
    01-27-13 10:55 PM
  20. louzer's Avatar

    I know! In another forum, when I was young, beautiful, and work free, we had this beautiful thingy called "Foro-chat" (Forum + Chat) It was basically a chat using the post system, it was hilarious, sometimes we would hit 100 or 200 post in a few hours hahaha
    As we were approaching 50,000, we hit a fever pitch. We were doing 1000 posts per day. At one point, we did over 1700 in a 24 hour period. We even graphed out the milestones vs time. We take this very seriously you see.

    Plus, at 5000, 10,000 and then every 1000 interval since 10,000, the person who posts a milestone post (xx,000) gets a custom avatar (see the sidebar and the avatars of the people posting here).

    We derailed a silly thread back in July and turned it into this. It's been the best (and most fun) way to pass the time waiting for BB10! And we are all looking forward to adding to this thread with our new devices once they are available!
    01-27-13 10:58 PM
  21. louzer's Avatar
    When ya post that 1K post.... Sputts will give you fireworks!!!
    But we really don't need pics.
    01-27-13 11:02 PM
  22. louzer's Avatar
    Yes, but it's a secret ploy to get Las Vegas out of the "sin" business....
    And just be pantless instead?
    01-27-13 11:04 PM
  23. louzer's Avatar
    Yeee Hawww. Did it... There you go guys, thanks for all your help. Now I am a Master.....................................
    Congrats TEMPURmental!!!!

    Not only did you pass 1000 posts, but you also got the 56,000th post! Quite a day, I would say!
    01-27-13 11:07 PM
  24. louzer's Avatar
    Oh my frikkin god, I am so excited, can you tell I am practically a newbie a CrackBerry Master. lol
    01-27-13 11:08 PM
  25. sputneek's Avatar
    A monumental 5000th Post by Sputterboy!
    And to think that this is what transformed you into a Genius of Geniuses!
    A Pantless 5000 kind of 5000th Post
    Congrats Jaf!!!!
    I know, I'm stretching our rules a little with the multi-quote and all BUT....It's jest a Nice Pair!!

    01-27-13 11:09 PM
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