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    Well then make it as ugly as you can. Pretend to faint.... Grab onto someones coat and as you slowly slide down to the ground, plead for help.
    Be creative. This is your chance to get back at some of those other teachers you've spent years dreaming of all the ways you'd love to torture them.

    Now get out there and be that scary old teacher that everyone knows wants to get out and create mayhem!
    Make it like a normal day and take it out on those kids
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    10-20-16 11:15 AM
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    What a crock! If he REAlly LOVED you he'd say : Honey, you're 60. you're old. Stay home and act your age."
    And while you're at it tell HIM to stop fantasizing about 40 year olds!
    And 'ya...where is that whip? "
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    10-20-16 11:15 AM
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    Originally Posted by Lostboy5151 http://forums.crackberry.com/images/...post-right.png
    Ahhh! But ........


    By now you should know, I'm always right.
    But it's nice to hear it anyway.
    Even when you're left , you're right
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    10-20-16 11:16 AM
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    Even the one in your little toe? How's your bedonkeybedunkeybutt feel?
    I'm sure you can ***-ume how that is
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    10-20-16 11:17 AM
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    No one has ever asked ,but weather I am or weather I'm not ....I am!!
    And considering I'm my own trademark, I suppose my birth certificate would prove nothing at all.
    I mean if standing right in front of you isn't proof enough, a certificate probably won't be much help, which is probably why no one has ever asked me before....
    But you just HAD to come along and start trouble didn't you!!

    The real problem here isn't about me, it's about weather or not you've painted the fake fireplace in your entertainment room with the escape window., yet!!
    Hey! I wasn't going all Trump on you and asking you to produce your birth certificate
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    10-20-16 11:19 AM
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    Get out the grill!
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    10-20-16 11:19 AM
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    That\'s the first trueful thing you've said in quite a while.
    I'm just trying to keep it real
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    10-20-16 11:20 AM
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    There's just no end to my talent.
    Unfortunately no beginning either
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    10-20-16 11:20 AM
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    You really CAN'T count, can you!!!!!
    Only if I use my fingers
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    10-20-16 11:20 AM
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    Hell, I don't know! Make something up. If it was the other way around I'd probably end up doing an entire rant about your limitations!!
    Well we don't have time for the world's longest rant
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    10-20-16 11:21 AM
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    That would work. And all she'd need is a larger straw like the ones the conveniently bend at the top.
    I use to love bendy straws..come on Jaydee this will be fun
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    10-20-16 11:22 AM
  12. Carjackd's Avatar
    i was thinking about a straw for that....i watch too many medical shows.
    Remind me never to come to you for medical advice that DOESN't involve pills
    That's where he got all his medical knowledge from...TV.

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    10-20-16 11:24 AM
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    haha. I am staying right in my nightgown and watching some bad tv and drinking tea all day....much the same as i will do when i retire. Consider this a dress rehearsal.
    Practice makes perfect
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    10-20-16 11:24 AM
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    also, i have Hamster coming to stay with me over the weekend and i haven't yet cleaned the house. Oh well. She is going to have to live in my house the way it is!

    And i know she won't mind!
    Oh, so now the real reason comes out why she is skipping work
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    10-20-16 11:25 AM
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    Does "close" even count in this case? I mean, "post" season.... comes after the season. so like pre-season games, they just don't count.
    And if "close" is Pretty Impressive I'm pretty sure I'm not impressed.

    You want "pretty" Impressive? What I just said sound like I know what i'm talking about. You'd never think for a moment that i had no idea what I was talking about.right?
    Wait, I'm asking YOU?
    Either you get it or you don't. I'm not gonna explain it again. So just like it and move along!!
    Close counts sometimes....right now Trump is close....close to making American elections the laughing stock of the free word...oh wait...he already did
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    10-20-16 11:28 AM
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    Hey Monica??
    A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. He doesn't necessarily need to know WHY he's gotta do it, but he's gotta do it just the same..
    That my imitation of jackd sitting around all day watch a bunch of men running around patting each other on the butt.
    (Jackd's idea of soft porn!)

    Well, It's not like I just made that up outa thin air..
    Soft pOrn season is almost over
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    10-20-16 11:28 AM
  17. Carjackd's Avatar
    Then we need to get ready for Pre-soft P0rn season
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    10-20-16 11:29 AM
  18. Carjackd's Avatar
    actually post-season is more important than pre-season. Although all other forms of pre-everythings are great!
    Unless you are premature, the ladies usually are not a fan of that
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    10-20-16 11:30 AM
  19. Carjackd's Avatar
    i'm actually starting to understand you. Quick! More meds please!
    Be careful what you ask for
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    10-20-16 11:31 AM
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    HUmm, Maybe I should check out these Cubs. Ya think I'm batty enough?
    They usually swing bats. Are you up for that ?
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    10-20-16 11:32 AM
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    Good morning peeps
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    10-20-16 11:33 AM
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    Almost lunch
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    10-20-16 11:33 AM
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    I'll be passing on lunch, I better shower and get motivated
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    10-20-16 11:33 AM
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    Leigh is headed into Toronto to see Matilda tonight with a friend and I'm hanging out with the boys
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    10-20-16 11:34 AM
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    Originally Posted by Matty
    Was watching TV last night. The was a loud 'snap' or bang and a little puff of smoke emerged from the TV

    Can anyone recommend a good brand to buy?

    Sharp....its a sharp house here . Nothing but Quatrons here
    Sony or samsung or better yet... Let me ask YOU a question. ARE YOU INSANE? Asking US what we think.
    This is the Pantless Zone. You can't trust us to give you advice.

    Talk to people you know and trust and then decide for yourself what will work best for you.

    But, forget what anyone else says. You should get what I have.
    I have a 60" Sony Bravia 3D HDTV with a Sony 7.2 surround sound theatre system. I have 16 devices on my home network system including a Sonos wireless music system with speakers in every room of my home and Two Seagate Central 4TB network storage devices and 5 Computers which I custom built.

    Besides, Sharp stopped making TV's and was bought out over a year ago by a Chinese TV Company called Hisense. But, to be fair they continue to produce a very excellent product.

    But who would you trust. Someone who jumped ship the minute rumors of BB10 started or someone who stayed with his Passport with confidence.

    (any reference to real people or likeness to a real person is purely coincidental.....or did they do it on purpose??? )

    By the way, since you're gonna be out shopping. Could I interest you in a bridge I have for sale???
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    10-20-16 11:35 AM
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