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    K, I'm calling it a night
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    09-11-16 06:09 AM
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    Wrong Again! If you can't beat them, arrange to have them beaten!
    As for how and why?? When the "GODS" came here way back before the days of the Egyptians, who were meticulous in the way they wrote their history
    The Pleiadians were experimenting on a robot like being (we're not the first...) which were to become what you can Humans. But, their experiment failed (Faulty Wiring) and scrapped the project. But, While they did shut the doors and turn off the lights (so to speak) they forgot to turn off the faulty humans. After, a short time walking in circles and other typical stupid human tricks, they evolved enough to know "what" to put "where" and multiplied. But as history has proven over and over and over again,
    While you humans did evolve, you're not much smarter than you were in the beginning. If only The Pleaidians had remembered to turn you off in the beginning you wouldn't be in the situation you're in today.

    Complaining and ranting will not help or change anything..... Actually DOING something about might! In the 60's I was in Washington marching against the Vietnam War.
    I was out their getting billyclubed, teargassed and arrested for promoting Peace. I was just a few miles away from Kent State when the National Guard open fire on a peaceful crowd and killed several students. I wasn't protesting from an armchair like so many. I also walked the walk!
    I get what you're saying, but why should anyone have to settle for the way things are? Why should you have to settle for a job you don't like.Just make do with what you've got??? That's just plain ignorant! I say, If you don't put limitations on yourself then there's no limit to what you might achieve in this short life. And, while I certainly would not try to change people like so many religious fanatics who go door to door to sell their specific brand of "whatever" I only suggest what has worked for me in my lifes' journey. When you try to "TELL" others "This is how it is, except it" you've already lost. But when you offer suggestions , you give people something to think about and they can then better decide for THEMSELVES what might be best for them.
    Don't bother thinking about how wrong and clucked the world is! Sure cluck it all. You say it because you think in the "negative" so you put your blinders on and pretend it doesn't exist. I think in the "positive" and what we might do to right what's wrong and un-cluck the world. If we did it your way, the world would still be flat and the wheel..square.
    I'd suggest that perhaps we leave it here because we have such opposite ideas and while I only suggest things to think about, I really don't care to be told to just except the way it is because, I choose to be the best that I can be. I'm only 65 and have so much to learn about and I'll continue to grow and understand more and learn to respect more of what i don't understand and above all forgive for what others choose not toi understand!
    Very interesting
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    09-11-16 06:10 AM
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    Absolutely not I don't do dresses or pumps
    Teal shuuuuze
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    09-11-16 06:11 AM
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    Same shirt as everywhere else
    Same shirt , different Saturday.
    09-11-16 08:54 AM
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    Originally Posted by Carjackd http://forums.crackberry.com/images/...post-right.png
    Maybe they are in style and staying that way

    Yeah! But wasn't it you that just said nobody even thinks about giving a compliment? I mean, in this scenario you are obviously "nobody" yet you don't "think????"
    Confused you are. Think you must!!
    I'm half confused
    09-11-16 08:55 AM
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    Very interesting
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    09-11-16 08:55 AM
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    I'm half confused
    as are we all
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    09-11-16 08:56 AM
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    And I got another paddle
    Nothing like having an extra around
    09-11-16 08:56 AM
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    How true
    Half true
    09-11-16 08:56 AM
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    Same shirt as everywhere else
    left at Chattanooga
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    09-11-16 08:56 AM
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    From Canadian tire? That's not valid proof
    Good enough for CRA
    09-11-16 08:57 AM
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    Just what are you trying to imply..... that I made it up or sumpin???
    And actually, it's more of a short story than a statement! And this is BOLD. This is not Bold!

    So in conclusion, I would have to say, while you thought me pretty and bold, I don't question that you have been listening, but how you have totally mis-comprehended what you heard!!
    What did we hear? I was on the bench
    09-11-16 08:57 AM
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    It's still the weekend and I am so happy! Today is the first Sunday in a long time, that i won't have any company to watch the games with me! WOW! But i am still making some chili. I figure my husband and I can have it all week and i won't need to cook while going to meetings and all! haha
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    09-11-16 08:58 AM
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    What did we hear? I was on the bench
    how is the weather on the bench?
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    09-11-16 08:58 AM
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    Absolutely not I don't do dresses or pumps
    Man! You have no idea how to take a compliment
    09-11-16 08:58 AM
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    i am still taking care of a few items to mail in (rebates, bills, etc) and I need to have more tea.
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    09-11-16 09:00 AM
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    Originally Posted by Carjackd http://forums.crackberry.com/images/...post-right.png
    Consistency is important

    Yeah?? I'd like too know just how true it is! First of all, you should probably take into consideration who is saying what in this case and before simply agreeing,
    Question everything. because in this case, it sounds like you May just be patranizing him.

    How True???
    I wouldn't know the difference... you know damn math
    09-11-16 09:00 AM
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    It seems that I did not make myself clear before when I said that we can't change the world and we have to adapt to them does not mean that if one has a lousy job he can't quit each one of us need to do the best for himself because if we don't worry about ourselves no one will worry about us. We all can make life choices or even basic choices in life if it doesn't work we can always change it. Someone who is in a rut can change it for the good but he has to do it because no one will do it for him. You make an excellent point that ranting won't help but actions might stress that MIGHT help. To give others ideas or offer assistance is a great way to help but you can't force another person to listen or accept your advice. When I said cluck the world I was not being negative it's me talking from life's experience where I know where there are problems in the world around my life and I know I can't change it so I changed myself to work with what's being thrown at me I can't uncluck the situation so I say cluck it I will change instead of trying to change others. We can leave it here if you like but it seems that our views on life ain't so different after all (I'm simply not explaining myself properly here) but after reading your posts it would seem that you simply took words out of my mind and wrote it for me I would like to wish you much luck in all your endeavors and I hope I cleared up any confusion from my previous posts.
    I lost you at it!
    09-11-16 09:00 AM
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    Good now
    09-11-16 09:01 AM
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    Not true in the least it is a fact that consistency is important regardless of who says it and in what situation so there is no need to question this fact here.
    There is fact here? And all this time I thought I was reading a really good fiction novel
    09-11-16 09:02 AM
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    Not in a box with a fox?
    Depends how hot that fox is
    09-11-16 09:03 AM
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    We got that covered.
    Indeed we do
    09-11-16 09:03 AM
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    Half way there
    Living on a prayer?
    09-11-16 09:04 AM
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    Super freak
    09-11-16 09:04 AM
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    Teal shuuuuze
    I'm not sure if that will go with the red dress
    09-11-16 09:05 AM
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