1. middbrew's Avatar
    So I'm both a man and wife?
    Since the operation anyway
    It was a very successful operation. I can now go **** myself.
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    09-08-16 07:26 PM
  2. middbrew's Avatar
    Take it to the bank
    The river bank?
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    09-08-16 07:27 PM
  3. Carjackd's Avatar
    Da Nile is a bigger creek than I'm use to floating in.
    09-08-16 10:18 PM
  4. Carjackd's Avatar
    It was a very successful operation. I can now go **** myself.
    You say that like its a bad thing
    09-08-16 10:19 PM
  5. Carjackd's Avatar
    The river bank?
    Do they have an ATM?
    09-08-16 10:19 PM
  6. Carjackd's Avatar
    Good evening peeps
    09-08-16 10:20 PM
  7. Carjackd's Avatar
    Nobody here huh?
    09-08-16 10:20 PM
  8. Carjackd's Avatar
    Ok, I'll go check the forums and come back and talk to myself
    09-08-16 10:21 PM
  9. eiruvrav's Avatar
    No, I usually fish for fish, not games.
    The whole idea of fishing is a game
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    09-08-16 11:03 PM
  10. eiruvrav's Avatar
    You make it sound like there is hope
    There is hope but sometimes our hopes are our dreams and our dreams are our hopes
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    09-08-16 11:06 PM
  11. eiruvrav's Avatar
    Oh? My bad!
    No it ain't you asked I answered it's no one's bad
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    09-08-16 11:07 PM
  12. eiruvrav's Avatar
    Now you understand the question?
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    09-08-16 11:08 PM
  13. eiruvrav's Avatar
    So you're up the creek without a paddle
    No I said no one is steering it I didn't say I don't have a paddle
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    09-08-16 11:10 PM
  14. eiruvrav's Avatar
    There is too much food to eat for that to happen
    Well then get busy start eating breakfast lunch and supper with snacks in between instead of just guzzling java
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    09-08-16 11:11 PM
  15. eiruvrav's Avatar
    Felt like spending it
    If you insist
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    09-08-16 11:13 PM
  16. eiruvrav's Avatar
    haha! i know a lot of people in that same boat!
    But we ain't in that boat we in a different one
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    09-08-16 11:15 PM
  17. eiruvrav's Avatar
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    09-08-16 11:16 PM
  18. eiruvrav's Avatar
    I did I just don't remember
    Memory loss at your age?
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    09-08-16 11:17 PM
  19. eiruvrav's Avatar
    All damn day
    Say what?!?!
    09-08-16 11:19 PM
  20. eiruvrav's Avatar
    Just trying to make it easy so you don't have to read back
    Ain't that kind of u
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    09-08-16 11:20 PM
  21. eiruvrav's Avatar
    I'm not good with line ups, give me the express check out
    Will self check out do?
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    09-08-16 11:22 PM
  22. eiruvrav's Avatar
    Me too
    Me three
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    09-08-16 11:23 PM
  23. eiruvrav's Avatar
    Yes, but I'm not up the creek.
    You in da lake?
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    09-08-16 11:24 PM
  24. anon(3732391)'s Avatar
    Where would the fun be with a good hissy fit

    Well, someone needs to have a good hissy fit. The only way to know the fun is to experience it personally.
    So, let go and fit away.
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    09-08-16 11:24 PM
  25. anon(3732391)'s Avatar
    Got the kids down to school...just need a quick shower

    What?? did you get the cooties when you brought the kids to school ??
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    09-08-16 11:26 PM
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