1. TGIS's Avatar
    Or tomorrow?
    04-15-16 04:30 AM
  2. TGIS's Avatar
    Since there's no train nearby, and nobody is here, I might read back
    04-15-16 04:31 AM
  3. TGIS's Avatar
    There's nuffin much else to do
    04-15-16 04:31 AM
  4. TGIS's Avatar
    And coffee.
    And oatmeal for JD's cholesterol
    04-15-16 04:33 AM
  5. TGIS's Avatar
    Is that still going on?
    04-15-16 04:34 AM
  6. TGIS's Avatar
    Everyone wins.
    So do I.
    04-15-16 04:34 AM
  7. TGIS's Avatar
    Me too!
    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee three
    04-15-16 04:35 AM
  8. TGIS's Avatar
    04-15-16 04:35 AM
  9. TGIS's Avatar
    Me three
    That's what I said
    04-15-16 04:36 AM
  10. TGIS's Avatar
    Death wish coffee. Made right around here
    Not here
    04-15-16 04:36 AM
  11. TGIS's Avatar
    I think I am going to bed early.
    You'll miss the train
    04-15-16 04:37 AM
  12. TGIS's Avatar
    I need my wits about me tomorrow.
    For the 500k rush?
    04-15-16 04:37 AM
  13. TGIS's Avatar
    Little posting, little shirt
    Little of this, little of that
    04-15-16 04:38 AM
  14. TGIS's Avatar
    Most days I have no wits
    Seems fair enough
    04-15-16 04:38 AM
  15. TGIS's Avatar
    I think I bought a new car today!!!!
    What kind is it?
    04-15-16 04:38 AM
  16. TGIS's Avatar
    Well tomorrow actually. I have to have it built in flint tho. Hope they use clean water to make it
    Clean water is good
    04-15-16 04:39 AM
  17. TGIS's Avatar
    Just can't find one exactly the way I want within 500 miles.....and I don't want someone driving my new car to me from ohio
    That's a lot of miles
    04-15-16 04:39 AM
  18. TGIS's Avatar
    So build it and ship it to me. Why not?
    Shipping costs?
    04-15-16 04:40 AM
  19. TGIS's Avatar
    Gotta go over the list of accoutrements. Wonder if I misspelled that badly?
    How is it pronounced?
    04-15-16 04:40 AM
  20. TGIS's Avatar
    Oh well. I am excited about it its gonna take 4-6 weeks to get it tho....
    Let me get this straight
    04-15-16 04:41 AM
  21. TGIS's Avatar
    You're excited that you have to wait all that time just to get your car
    04-15-16 04:42 AM
  22. TGIS's Avatar
    If I were LostOne I'd say something about not understanding humans
    Carjackd likes this.
    04-15-16 04:42 AM
  23. TGIS's Avatar
    Very nice​TM indeed
    04-15-16 04:43 AM
  24. TGIS's Avatar
    I think I will text the salesman tomorrow and say order it!!
    How'd you get their number?
    04-15-16 04:43 AM
  25. TGIS's Avatar
    Woo hoo, new car!
    With that new car smell
    04-15-16 04:44 AM
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