1. louzer's Avatar
    Good thing I ducked. I would have gotten hit in the head by the flying pig!
    01-15-13 11:22 PM
  2. sputneek's Avatar
    01-15-13 11:22 PM
  3. louzer's Avatar
    grilled swiss cheese sandwich and chips
    Add some bacon and now you're talking!
    01-15-13 11:23 PM
  4. louzer's Avatar
    Add some bacon and now you're talking!
    Who am I kidding. I want that stack of pancakes too!
    01-15-13 11:23 PM
  5. louzer's Avatar
    finish line
    Down the hall. 2nd door on the right. Take a left at the end and you're there.
    01-15-13 11:24 PM
  6. sputneek's Avatar
    01-15-13 11:25 PM
  7. louzer's Avatar
    that goes good with bacon....
    Know what else goes good with bacon? BACON!
    01-15-13 11:25 PM
  8. jafobabe's Avatar
    Whoa caught up!! Here anyways... Time to go out to the driveway and pack up the tools (lol) for the night.

    Arrivaderchi fellow pantaless wanders, ciao!! http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-char017.gif
    Nite Sputter, sleep well but no dreams!
    01-15-13 11:25 PM
  9. louzer's Avatar
    damn the luck!
    But not the duck!
    01-15-13 11:25 PM
  10. louzer's Avatar
    Gremlin X (I always thought that was the pron version of the Gremlin).
    01-15-13 11:26 PM
  11. jafobabe's Avatar
    I forgot all about this one. I'd love to have a few of these made!
    I'll but 4 of them !!
    sputneek, louzer, kbz1960 and 1 others like this.
    01-15-13 11:27 PM
  12. louzer's Avatar
    Sheesh guys!! I go out for sushi and 14 pages later...
    Bacon sushi?
    01-15-13 11:27 PM
  13. louzer's Avatar
    I was asleep...did Thanksgiving pass yet?........i need something to eat
    No. And me too! Got any bacon? Even turkey bacon would do at this point.
    01-15-13 11:28 PM
  14. louzer's Avatar
    No. And me too! Got any bacon? Even turkey bacon would do at this point.
    Nah. Forget the turkey bacon. Just bacon bacon.
    01-15-13 11:28 PM
  15. jafobabe's Avatar
    I am too. I want pancakes! A great big stack! With butter, syrup, and lots of BACON!
    I predict you will go to an IHOP near you, within 2 days!
    sputneek, louzer, kbz1960 and 1 others like this.
    01-15-13 11:30 PM
  16. louzer's Avatar
    His greatest trick... Keyser Soze.
    Ah. The usual suspects.
    01-15-13 11:31 PM
  17. louzer's Avatar
    hamster condom wheel
    just keeps rollin' along.
    01-15-13 11:32 PM
  18. louzer's Avatar
    Post Toasties.
    Sugar or cinnamon?
    01-15-13 11:33 PM
  19. louzer's Avatar
    necessary boolsheet post
    I'm not sure, but I think I just stepped in your post.
    01-15-13 11:34 PM
  20. louzer's Avatar
    It's Thanksgiving again?
    Every day is Thanksgiving in 5000 land!
    01-15-13 11:35 PM
  21. louzer's Avatar
    Turkey? Turducken?
    Here's a tofu turkey. Looks and tastes just like the real thing I bet!

    01-15-13 11:37 PM
  22. louzer's Avatar
    Holy crap the penguins roost is freezing (not febrezing) tonight!
    Did you molt all of your winter down?
    01-15-13 11:38 PM
  23. louzer's Avatar
    It's always Thanksgiving for Spencer

    I thank
    01-15-13 11:38 PM
  24. louzer's Avatar
    I have quite the shellfish goal here.......
    01-15-13 11:40 PM
  25. louzer's Avatar
    I thought penguins likes it cold?
    Apparently only if they have their winter down.
    01-15-13 11:41 PM
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