1. louzer's Avatar
    Turn them inside out and give them a really good shake.
    Just like the Hokey Pokey Condoms!
    01-14-13 10:45 PM
  2. jafobabe's Avatar
    I hope that doesn't make Sputter the meat in a Bunga sandwich?!?!?!?
    And now look at what you started! hahahahahh
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    01-14-13 10:45 PM
  3. louzer's Avatar
    BBM > Options > Show Text Messages From Contacts Linked With BlackBerry Contacts. Check the box. This is hilarious. He's a genius.
    Except what is the Android and iOS app he has available for download from his site and not from either's store???
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    01-14-13 10:46 PM
  4. Engire's Avatar
    01-14-13 10:47 PM
  5. louzer's Avatar
    I had to give up on that long ago.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9850 using Tapatalk
    It's not as much giving up as it is the 5000 way to catch up.
    01-14-13 10:47 PM
  6. louzer's Avatar
    So don't go to bed?
    You should have been a doctor!
    01-14-13 10:48 PM
  7. BergerKing's Avatar
    Maybe, we'll be able to catch up on BB10 devices. Which, for Sprint users, will probably have to be a Playbook until 'later this year'.
    I don't think it will take as long as people are worried about. My field tester buddy says that things are moving along better than they anticipated, maybe mid-April. Earlier if they can get enough stock.
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    01-14-13 10:49 PM
  8. louzer's Avatar
    oh man, so much for being back soon.

    Looks like everyone has been busy!!!
    We're a 24x7 posting juggernaut!
    01-14-13 10:49 PM
  9. jafobabe's Avatar
    Well, I;m sorta finally, not really caught up but I must bid you all a great and pantless evening so I can finally kinda finish tweaking this laptop, oh yeah and service pack 3 it too..(yeah XP lol) http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/s...omputer001.gif
    Nite SputtersBaconMunch!
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    01-14-13 10:50 PM
  10. louzer's Avatar
    Now that is the right rear end.
    Perhaps. If you happen to be Mr. Ed!
    01-14-13 10:51 PM
  11. BergerKing's Avatar
    Nite SputtersBaconMunch!
    Tastes like turducken, with grapes. Or so I've heard.
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    01-14-13 10:52 PM
  12. louzer's Avatar
    I wouldn't be able to fit between there.
    01-14-13 10:53 PM
  13. jafobabe's Avatar

    It worked!!
    01-14-13 10:53 PM
  14. louzer's Avatar
    Bed? We don't need no stinkin bed!
    Bed's not the problem. It's the Playbook charger right next to it!
    01-14-13 10:53 PM
  15. Engire's Avatar
    01-14-13 11:00 PM
  16. louzer's Avatar
    And that thread is why I love this one!
    01-14-13 11:01 PM
  17. Engire's Avatar
    01-14-13 11:02 PM
  18. louzer's Avatar
    I'm going to blame it on the Broncos, I was and still am PIST that they let that one get away!
    It was a tough one for a fan to watch, but for the rest of the country, I'm pressed to remember a more exciting game!
    01-14-13 11:05 PM
  19. louzer's Avatar
    It was a tough one for a fan to watch, but for the rest of the country, I'm pressed to remember a more exciting game!
    And this is coming from a Pats fan who admits that both Super Bowl losses to the Giants were both great games (after much wound licking).
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    01-14-13 11:06 PM
  20. louzer's Avatar
    Attachment 131346
    Almost looks like a horse dentures ad!
    01-14-13 11:07 PM
  21. louzer's Avatar
    And you know this how?
    Someone's little birdie told me???
    01-14-13 11:09 PM
  22. louzer's Avatar
    I live with my mind in the gutter
    How does the gutter feel about that?
    01-14-13 11:10 PM
  23. louzer's Avatar
    That's the only way to live.
    Well, and pantless of course!
    01-14-13 11:11 PM
  24. louzer's Avatar
    So sad..... as much as I wish to partake in these pantless post whorifications, I must relinquish myself to the demands of sleep......
    Thanks for dropping by!
    01-14-13 11:12 PM
  25. louzer's Avatar
    My favorite part of seeing someone post about "abuse" and "disrespect" and whining in general about how they're going to leave and such because of it is the part where they actually leave...
    And my favorite line is "Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!"
    01-14-13 11:14 PM
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