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    Wow. This is such a historic, amazing, and mindless thread. 5 years and goin! probably longest thread on CB. Wonder the impact it has on servers.
    Half mindless
    09-17-17 01:07 PM
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    You're not supposed to tell me it.

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    OK I guessed again
    09-17-17 01:08 PM
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    Let's try this again.

    Pick a number, any number (including all/any rational and irrational numbers and even 0), any number at all (...and keep it to yourself.....DO NOT TELL ME).

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    OK, but I'm not telling you
    09-17-17 01:08 PM
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    thank god it's FOF Pantless!
    It was
    09-17-17 01:09 PM
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    Yes! Please post more. The Doofus and the Muppet are really slacking off and I need material.
    Otherwise, I'll have to post about MY day and that'll just bum everyone out!!
    What about some nice polyester?
    09-17-17 01:11 PM
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    I've been a little busy greenie. But I'm back now so you should have lots of material to work with.
    Maybe some silk
    09-17-17 01:11 PM
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    As long as you appreciate my enthusiasm. I didn't really read past that part. Did you have anything interesting to say?
    No more than the usual
    09-17-17 01:12 PM
  8. Carjackd's Avatar
    09-17-17 01:12 PM
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    0 would do, but again, you're not supposed to tell me it.

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    Keep it to yourself

    Posted via CB10 on Z10
    Originally Posted by spARTacus
    (...and keep it to yourself.....DO NOT TELL ME).

    In JayDee's defense.... She's just a librarian. (yeah, pretty thin defense )
    Lay away
    Jiffy maids.
    I got nuffin
    09-17-17 01:13 PM
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    Rupees 1,02,000 for 256GB
    It's a huge price..

    That's the price of 2 HONDA NAVI
    Who needs to know where they're going when they have a KEYone
    09-17-17 01:14 PM
  11. Carjackd's Avatar
    Or ₹10,000 more than a Honda CB HORNET 150CC
    That stung
    09-17-17 01:15 PM
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    So you're a fan?
    09-17-17 01:16 PM
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    Only drive able beach in INDIA.. KERALA .
    Now call a tow truck
    09-17-17 01:17 PM
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    I'm jealous.
    I'm Jack'd
    09-17-17 01:17 PM
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    OK, that's all I got, I need to dig up just a little more than 5 by 7 of some sod in the back yard to put in a small patio for my she'd. Hot tub is going where the shed was
    09-17-17 01:20 PM
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    Why can I hear Eddie Murphy doing James Brown celebrity tub in my head?
    09-17-17 01:25 PM
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    OK I guessed again
    Now double it.

    Posted via CB10 on Z10
    09-17-17 01:45 PM
  18. spARTacus's Avatar
    Why can I hear Eddie Murphy doing James Brown celebrity tub in my head?

    ...now all I can see in my head is that donkey.

    Posted via CB10 on Z10
    jaydee5799 likes this.
    09-17-17 01:46 PM
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    Happy Sunday everyone... get those pants off...
    09-17-17 02:21 PM
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    Rupees 1,02,000 for 256GB
    It's a huge price..

    That's the price of 2 HONDA NAVI
    holy something (cows are sacred there, right?)
    09-17-17 03:05 PM
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    nice warm day. At least they say that. I won't go outside till the sun goes down! lol
    09-17-17 03:06 PM
  22. jaydee5799's Avatar
    spent sometime this morning getting the lawn settled and cleaning up the deck....this week i have the handiman coming to cut down some bushes, flower beds and paint my deck. Yippeeeeeee
    09-17-17 03:07 PM
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    It takes patience and time when I first saw the internal medicine doctor that I'm with now about 5 years ago I was on 10mg hydrocodone. She said she'd like to get me off of them and I said let's do it so she weaned me off of it within a few weeks and I was done and there by gaining her Trust. Soon after due to conditions I won't get into she had to consider putting me back on the hydros which started with 10 milligram several times a day and at one point she said take 15 at one time at a certain time of day after a few weeks I said 15 was too much let's go down to 5 milligrams after a few weeks I said I was happy with five butt she suggested she'd give me enough in case I needed extra you see how that works anyway for the past 4 years I've been getting 180 tabs 5 mg per month you just got to know how to play the game I know it's not really that easy unfortunate and that I don't have any withdrawal symptoms or addiction problems I also get 20 mg Valium and 10 mg dexedrine. I wish I had known about medication back in the 60s I could have saved so much money on drugs but it's worked out for the best I don't do drugs I'm on way too much medication and who knows what the side effects would be mixing the two
    I've got a prescription for alprazolam 1 mg up to 4 times daily. All my doctors swear they won't prescribe me an opioid with a benzodiazepine. Don't they realize that that most of my anxiety is from my continual pain? Using Xanax to sleep makes me wake up really depressed. So sometimes I'll just stay awake for days and just writhe in pain. It feels like I'm starting to lose my mind a little more every day. So then I end up drinking. Which leaves me messed up the next day. I know what can help with pain, sleep, anxiety, etc but it just isn't legal here.
    09-17-17 06:45 PM
  24. Septembersrain's Avatar
    I decided to stop paying taxes in 1971 I had my own business and got paid with cash or mind-altering substances and just never got a business license in 2006 I found out why I got away with it I changed my name in 71 and it was spelled wrong and for some reason the IRS and Social Security didn't have the sense to cross reference so I fell off the grid when I had to legally do my name again in Alaska I found out that my last name had been spelled wrong all the time and now I live in a state that has no taxes and gives out free money once a year just for living here of course the state is broke but they won't dip into the Permanent Fund money so we good between 1100 dollars and $2,000 dollars and here's the typical human behavior thing. Somehow long-time alaskans have gotten the impression that this money is owed to them and if it's not enough they complain of course not only is the state about 10 years behind the rest of the United States but the education system is so bad that the number one job with little to no experience is dealing or working in McDonald's
    I lived in Anchorage, I can recall being shocked about getting a check after two years. When I lived there, it was every two years they paid you. I got around $1800. I do think I would of liked staying there. Life had other plans for me. Texas isn't much better in the education system. We still teach kids abstinence instead of giving them condoms and knowledge of what can happen if you aren't safe. Most of this state is conservative to the point that they think marijuana is a devil drug. Yet they think a huge diet coke with their large pizza is the "healthy route". Drinking alcohol, eating like crap, popping pills like candy, all acceptable but god forbid if you want a plant that grows in the ground!

    I've paid my share of taxes. I feel like most of my life I've been stuck in the squeezed middle class. Make just enough to get tax raped and ramen noodle diets. Not enough to get any of the tax breaks or too much to get any government benefits.

    Now that I'm out of work due to my health conditions, I'm just stuck between forcing myself back to work even if it makes me worse or attempting disability. Neither option is easy. I'm feeling pretty heavy in the heart as of late.

    I might be having another hospital stay.
    09-17-17 06:55 PM
  25. Septembersrain's Avatar
    I'm Jack'd
    Nice to meet you. Again. For like the 2000x time.
    09-17-17 06:58 PM
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