1. Ragbert's Avatar
    I'm just saying that BBM is spoiled now.

    And why?
    jafobabe likes this.
    07-18-17 11:37 PM
  2. jafobabe's Avatar
    I'm just saying that BBM is spoiled now.
    I thought you said YOU were spoiled by BBM LOL
    07-18-17 11:38 PM
  3. jafobabe's Avatar
    It's been 3 weeks since Thor's announcement.
    Anyone knows what's going on?
    Posted on 7-19-12 at 2:34 am CDT <---- My time.
    Let's rip this place up!! This is the 5 Year Anniversary
    07-18-17 11:41 PM
  4. jafobabe's Avatar
    But I think you are all going to wait until you see the train
    07-18-17 11:42 PM
  5. jafobabe's Avatar
    and there is nothing wrong with that!
    07-18-17 11:44 PM
  6. jafobabe's Avatar
    This is the Pantless Nation and we do things Pantlessly
    07-18-17 11:45 PM
  7. Ragbert's Avatar
    I did say that at first - but only because I got used to waiting for the conversation to auto-refresh lol
    07-18-17 11:47 PM
  8. Ragbert's Avatar
    Ohh I haven't ridden a train here in eons!
    07-18-17 11:48 PM
  9. Ragbert's Avatar
    I have bongs for the ride now too!
    07-18-17 11:49 PM
  10. Ragbert's Avatar
    Including a special one for Louzer, if/when he shows up again!
    07-18-17 11:50 PM
  11. Ragbert's Avatar
    He's not a train passenger usually though.
    07-18-17 11:51 PM
  12. Ragbert's Avatar
    I went through my folder of pantless images - so much fun!
    07-18-17 11:52 PM
  13. Ragbert's Avatar
    I don't even remember who first posted them all (Louzatars excepted, of course.)
    07-18-17 11:53 PM
  14. Ragbert's Avatar
    Like this one, just kills me, hahaha!
    The CB 1M Challenge-paperless-office.gif
    07-18-17 11:55 PM
  15. Ragbert's Avatar
    When in Rome......

    07-19-17 12:00 AM
  16. Ragbert's Avatar
    Yeeesh where are the controls to make a font really big in here?
    07-19-17 12:01 AM
  17. Ragbert's Avatar
    I guess they're gone with the new design.
    07-19-17 12:06 AM
  18. Ragbert's Avatar
    I'm posting from a desktop - so many new windows now just to add an emoji
    07-19-17 12:07 AM
  19. Ragbert's Avatar
    I was in the mood for a little red wHine :-D
    07-19-17 12:08 AM
  20. Ragbert's Avatar
    Not that I could see the coilor controls either.
    07-19-17 12:09 AM
  21. Ragbert's Avatar
    Not even in the Advanced area.
    07-19-17 12:10 AM
  22. Ragbert's Avatar
    I could do it with HTML tags of course.
    07-19-17 12:11 AM
  23. Ragbert's Avatar
    But then it would look like (_|_) in the CB10 app.
    07-19-17 12:12 AM
  24. Ragbert's Avatar
    So plain text it is, I guess!
    07-19-17 12:12 AM
  25. Ragbert's Avatar
    There is something to be said for ASCII art. But it needs a fixed-width font.
    07-19-17 12:14 AM
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