1. Carjackd's Avatar
    Good morning again! It's bagel Tuesday!
    I haven't ate today but headed out to Hibachi tonight for Japanese. It's Carter's Birthday
    04-04-17 03:50 PM
  2. Carjackd's Avatar
    Also pouring down rain Tuesday!
    We had that last night
    04-04-17 03:50 PM
  3. Carjackd's Avatar
    i have work to do again when i get into the office. can you imagine???
    I try not to
    04-04-17 03:51 PM
  4. Carjackd's Avatar
    let's hope its a quieter day today from yesterday
    04-04-17 03:52 PM
  5. Carjackd's Avatar
    at least it's not snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Still a possibility
    04-04-17 03:52 PM
  6. Carjackd's Avatar
    I have my union issues to solve as well.
    Local 12345
    04-04-17 03:52 PM
  7. Carjackd's Avatar
    Rain rain go away, come again another day.
    Like tomorrow?
    04-04-17 03:53 PM
  8. Carjackd's Avatar
    ugh the class from hell
    What's the zip code ?
    04-04-17 03:53 PM
  9. Carjackd's Avatar
    ok well someone tried to print an article that was 1047 pages long on my printer. Yeah. I'm not happy
    So everything is normal ? Or whatever that is?
    04-04-17 03:54 PM
  10. Carjackd's Avatar
    Yep! I think so too.
    There is that thinking thing again
    04-04-17 03:54 PM
  11. Carjackd's Avatar
    Squirrels are everywhere!

    Maybe I need to stop drinking.
    04-04-17 03:54 PM
  12. Carjackd's Avatar
    Nope. I think I still ended up drunk that day.
    See...it was inevitable
    04-04-17 03:55 PM
  13. Carjackd's Avatar
    Doing what!?!
    04-04-17 03:55 PM
  14. Carjackd's Avatar
    you see squirrels? most people see pink elephants!
    I just saw one...really
    04-04-17 03:56 PM
  15. Carjackd's Avatar
    that sounds dangerous. what are you doing it for?
    My guess would be to test her limits
    04-04-17 03:57 PM
  16. Carjackd's Avatar
    nice! always good to have your car looking and running in top condition!
    Started from the bottom now we are here
    04-04-17 03:57 PM
  17. Carjackd's Avatar
    i would too...so much i wanna buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    QVC will never be the same
    04-04-17 03:58 PM
  18. Carjackd's Avatar
    Headed out for dinner shortly
    04-04-17 03:58 PM
  19. Carjackd's Avatar
    And then back to the house for cake
    04-04-17 03:59 PM
  20. Carjackd's Avatar
    Can't believe the kid is 13
    04-04-17 03:59 PM
  21. Carjackd's Avatar
    Leigh made a cake for him , he is a rubics cube freak
    grover5 likes this.
    04-04-17 04:00 PM
  22. martinjdub's Avatar
    That looks delish and hard!
    Carjackd likes this.
    04-04-17 04:50 PM
  23. jaydee5799's Avatar
    ok home from work and had my dinner. Time to chill with a glass of wine
    Carjackd likes this.
    04-04-17 06:10 PM
  24. jaydee5799's Avatar
    very cute cake!!!!!!
    Carjackd likes this.
    04-04-17 06:10 PM
  25. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Can't believe the kid is 13
    yeah wow. a teenager now
    Carjackd likes this.
    04-04-17 06:11 PM
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