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    Somali radio stations banned from playing music

    Radio stations in Somalia have stopped broadcasting music after an order from Islamist insurgents who have banned the tunes for being 'un-Islamic'.

    Music has been banned from the radio in Somalia by Islamist insurgents
    The order is the latest in a long line of edicts from Islamists, who have also banned musical ringtones, movies and bras.
    Residents of Somalia have a wide-ranging musical tradition and have greeted the ban with disapproval.

    Abdulahi Yasin Jama at Tusmo broadcasting said that Somali radio stations had no choice but to comply with the order.
    One government radio station is defying the order - though the Islamists often assassinate those who defy them or perform Shariah-based punishments.

    The recent ban on music in Somalia is similar to the Taliban's hardline regime in Afghanistan during the late 1990s.
    04-13-10 11:22 AM
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    wow i love america sometimes...
    04-13-10 01:12 PM
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    I love America all the time.
    04-13-10 02:28 PM
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    If you don't love America all the time, I'm sure there are enough of us who do to buy you a one-way plane ticket to wherever else you would like to be...

    It's a shame that there are people who seem to love such repression, or at east not try to do anything about it. If they don't like it, they need to start their own insurgency but against the Islamic Extremists. They need to fight for their own country, for the good of the world even.

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    04-13-10 02:35 PM
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    I can hear chants of U - S - A! U - S- A!

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    04-13-10 03:01 PM