1. love_my_bberry's Avatar
    I have schecter hellraiser with 81 and 85 emg pickups.

    Setup- peavey valking 100 head with a marshall 4x12 cabinet

    Looking to get me a american strat sometime this year for some change up in music genre

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    01-28-11 12:44 PM
  2. powderbanks's Avatar
    ehh. i'll play.

    guitar: ibanez jetking
    amps: epiphone valve jr (5w class a tube head), vox berkely II (2x10 combo. solid state), vox pathfinder (15w solid state head w/2x10 cab)
    pedals: ibanez tubescreamer, tuner. i used to have some more but i lost them...

    i just finally got all my gear back from college. they were partying in a practice space that the drummer in my band has had since i left. so who knows where some of it got to. i just got what i really wanted back. i don't play that much anymore, but i'd like to again
    01-28-11 02:34 PM