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    I'm keeping my Q10, of course, but have decided to sell my Z10 because the battery life just doesn't cut it! I have always said if I didn't have a BlackBerry I would try a WP8 so I found a mint condition Lumia on ebay for only $199.
    Anyone have pros/cons on the WP8 experience?

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    03-29-14 11:04 PM
  2. rc69's Avatar
    I have had a Z10 since April last year. I installed the 10.3 leak since mid week and for example today still have 13 hours left on the battery - has been in use since 9.25 am this morning and it is now 3.05pm. Lots of social media, emails, BBM etc - very happy with this. Using stock standard battery. Btw also have as a spare / 4500 mh battery which will last at least 3 days.

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    03-29-14 11:11 PM
  3. Adam Fox2's Avatar
    I have had experience with Windows Phone myself......HATED IT....I had a Lumia 822 (Verizon) and after 2 weeks of having it, I was wanting to throw it in a drawer!! The HORRIBLE Notification system sucked....you'd get icons on the screen as they came in and little numbers on the app (like email would show like 5 for number of emails)....but the only way to SEE them was to actually open the email app, and it was pretty freaking slow (at least on my device, and my internet is 50Mbps down/5Mbps up)....so, if you're used to the Blackberry Hub, you might as well forget all that with Windows Phone 8 (although, WP 8.1 is supposed to bring a notification system)....also, the volume on mine was pretty awful, wasn't loud at all, but I guess that is a personal thing.....I also hated the lack of apps...the Instagram app on there at the time was horrible, you couldn't sign up with Instagram, so if you didn't have an account on another device, you couldn't use it.....

    I had my Windows Phone back in August of last year so things may have changed since then....and I ended up trading it for my Z10 that I have now and love my Z10...the only thing I would EVER trade my Z10 for is a Z30....thing is....the person I got my Windows Phone from got it from a friend....so I was the THIRD person to have it...the person I traded it to for the Z10 had it up for trade within a month..and it wasn't long after that, the same phone was listed by someone else.....that phone changed hands 5 times in about 5 months.....
    03-30-14 02:03 AM

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