09-26-10 06:47 PM
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  1. micraban's Avatar
    I have gotten to level 12 on the second go around and i am currently at 23840. I am so addicted I play it all the time during class, lunch in lines etc. lol. It gets me so frusterated sometimes, I have even thrown my pearl. And my dad always tells me I suck becuase he has a storm and it's easier on that phone, he has like over 115 lives and over half a million. lol.
    11-12-09 06:19 PM
  2. micraban's Avatar
    I reached 440,000 then i dropped my phone and the battery fell out and I lost the whole game. The next high score I reached was 890,000 and my phone got extremely slow and I had to reboot. Does anyone know a way to backup a game? If that were possible I could go on forever. My phone gets way too slow though
    You can back it up on the computer, when my dad switched from the pearl to the storm it brought his score over.
    11-12-09 06:20 PM
  3. hugelongspork's Avatar
    You can back it up on the computer, when my dad switched from the pearl to the storm it brought his score over.
    you can back up the high score but you cannot back up an actual game. I am looking for a way to back up my games so that I can do a battery pull and still have 800,000 points.
    11-13-09 06:03 AM
  4. spirou47's Avatar
    I can't believe there are also many pple out there suffering from the dead leg syndrome ...LOL... The minute I need to use the restroom, the one thing I have to bring along is my Black Berry. I spend about 2-3hrs sit'n down on d toilet seat play'n brick breaker. It is the one thing I never wanted to admit to pple cos I thought there was something really wrong with me. When I got to level 19, with a high score of 10380, It became worse. I just feel like just add'n one more point to my high score will make me feel better.
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    01-04-10 04:00 AM
  5. rrpaar's Avatar
    I am at 1,002,660 and 401 lives. B
    efore I go on is anyone higher? Is this a good score? I have gone through all the levels 69 times.
    01-09-10 07:56 PM
  6. hands7's Avatar
    How can I save a score of a game in progress? I'm at 825,000, and want to save and compare to rest of world before something malfunctions.
    03-22-10 01:45 PM
  7. sideshowboob's Avatar
    At Level 52, 219 lives and score of 878,710
    It took me over a year to master the game, before the breakthrough, my high score was 33, 960.
    Now, unless something happens to the phone, I could play forever, indefinitely ...
    Addictive? Yeah - you'd think?

    Level 76, 281 lives, score 1,282,520
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    04-25-10 02:37 AM
  8. Jackachum's Avatar
    Holy crap 1.4million!

    And i thought i was doing alright with a high score of 8995 lol!

    Oooh The number of times i've come off the toilet with dead legs because of brickbreaker...
    LOL. I had a good laugh reading your post Burgaz. It happened to me many times carried my dead legs bec of brick breaker too.
    05-19-10 01:50 AM
  9. uk2kev's Avatar
    I had about 1.3 million with over 100 lives on my curve a couple of years ago and it locked up...I was not happy. I now have the Storm and the game was alot harder on it. I recently got an update for brick breaker and it is much more like it was on my curve.

    I'm now at 664,000 with 171 lives on my 40th time through the levels. This game is so addictive...I guess you just have to pick a score to shoot for then just let your lives run out once you reach it. I think I'm going to go for 2 million unless my phone locks up again.
    07-23-10 07:18 PM
  10. KellyBlackGT's Avatar
    I got to 550k phone got a bug had to do battery pull,got back up to 200k phone reset on is own lost game again today I was at like 125xxx and my videos stopped playing and my ringer, had to do another batt pull!!! I need to get to a million so I can beat my brother in law dang it!!!! F M L
    07-28-10 01:05 AM
  11. johncincy's Avatar
    I reached 1,200,000 points a few weeks ago, then lost the game due to an update to my BB! I began again, and now have 2,278,550 points and 519 lives. I don't think it will ever end if this keeps up, because I keep adding lives as I rack up the score!
    07-28-10 09:18 AM
  12. 8585858585's Avatar
    I have 230K, 104 lives and going up!
    07-31-10 02:05 PM
  13. hawaiithirteen's Avatar
    I too got hooked on brickbreaker, but now am in a "what's now" mode. Current score 739950, 194 lives. Does anyone know:
    1. How high the numbers for score and lives go until reset?
    2. How to keep my screen bright (it seems to dim and brighten arbitrarily)?
    3. How to turn on and off sounds (they also seem to turn on and off themselves, but rarely on)?
    Thanks in advance
    08-06-10 02:08 PM
  14. Wanderlust699's Avatar
    I am sitting here with 1,192,420 points and 449 lives... I had 525 lives about two weeks ago and the game started to act up! the shuttle pad freezes and skips at the point of contact with the ball. Now the phone is slowing down, sometimes dosent ring and I miss calls...Grrrrrr! I have to pop the battery and reset...alas...
    08-08-10 10:22 AM
  15. ona6000's Avatar

    im playing it right now. im at score 120660 with 57 lives left lol
    08-08-10 06:50 PM
  16. ona6000's Avatar
    lost my last ball at 436640.... had fun though (:
    09-06-10 02:43 AM
  17. waldronbd's Avatar
    So, my husband is at 190,000. Should I go ahead and enroll him in rehab?!
    09-17-10 08:07 PM
  18. marathe's Avatar
    I decided to retire at score 1008620 with 250 lives. Needless to say, I'm at a stage where I can only go forward i.e. increase score and increase lives. About 2 months ago I got myself a BB Curve with optical track-pad and have not played BrickBreaker on it. But I'll be always proud of my achievement. :-) You can check out image of my highest score on my FaceBook.
    09-26-10 06:47 PM
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