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    Over the past few weeks the tone and content of some of CBs topics and threads have been, shall we say intense.

    Both from the "gee RIM has problems " to the "RIM can do no wrong " supporters.

    For the most part both sides have good points and are correct.

    For those that support RIM to the end I commend you.

    For those that deliver a swift kick in the RIM pants I also commend you.

    I think we all need to agree that we all want RIM to do well and continue
    to be a part of our private and business lives.

    Each side needs to kick back and see what happens and to resist the urge to call each other names and attack each other. This does no one any good including RIM and CB.

    The difference between the two camps is how we react to the information contained in the threads. Being mean spirited does no one any good.
    While on the other hand being all sweet about it and tempering constructive
    criticism is not being honest either.

    RIM and the powers that be will do what they want when they want. That is something I have come to understand. That the thread posted either for or against RIM do not make a bit of difference to the folks in Waterloo.

    The power of the consumer is what will make or break any company.

    If you want to make a difference do it with your wallets and pocket books.
    Do it with selling or buying RIM stock.
    Do it by letting RIM know directly your thoughts either for or against.

    But in the end, we need to support the new users, the folks with questions and help where and when we can.

    I ask that we all temper our postings and responses. Understand that all is not well, but that with change things could improve for RIM.

    After all folks, it's just a phone and it's just another company.
    It's not our lives.

    Be passionate but be wise and understanding. Being out of control is neither.

    and so it goes...

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    if rim cant up thier standards i am moving on,
    07-13-11 11:22 PM
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    if rim cant up thier standards i am moving on,
    Good for you.

    Nice name btw
    07-13-11 11:35 PM