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    Being a junior in college is challenging and interesting, but sometimes its can get really dull. If you have a lame teacher who repeats things over and over... it gets annoying. When you are annoyed and bored, you turn to your Blackberry to alleviate your boredom. First, you try to message one of your friends, but you get no reply because they are too busy listening to that lame teacher. Next, since your first plan failed... you turn to BrickBreaker to do the job.
    But sometimes even BrickBreaker can't solve your problem.

    Yupp... that's exactly my story!!
    All of my friends are too busy listening to that lame teacher, and so I get really bored. I am a really friendly person who loves to meet new people and talk to them.
    Yeah... too bored in school.
    Please feel free to message me anytime... and I will reply & you don't really have to be a student.
    My pin is listed above.
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    03-30-09 06:11 PM
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    So nobody gets bored except me? haha
    Wow I feel so lonely!
    03-30-09 06:33 PM
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    haha I definitely do too!
    03-30-09 09:15 PM
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    i dont pay half attention in class oopsie! first year university, shouldn't be slacking at all! finals are coming up YIKES!
    03-31-09 04:06 AM
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    2 people get bored...? That's it??
    04-01-09 10:03 PM
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    Haha I know how you feel. Its my first year at college and the general classes can be a drag. When I get bored in class I usually read around on the forums or check out the app world.

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    04-10-09 02:33 AM
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    "But sometimes even BrickBreaker can't solve your problem." haha yea i do the same app world and forums the classes i take now are a joke so yea
    04-19-09 10:10 PM
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    I'm in the same boat. Finals coming up before I start college in september but the lessons are just as boring. 258D87A2 if anyone wants to chat.

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    04-20-09 01:37 AM