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    Forgive the mindless pun but the Blackberry Bold 9700 has just been spotted on a show called "In Plain Sight," and there explains the topic.

    It's battered, not appearance wise, but OS wise, as usual Hollywood doesn't care to take 5 minutes to review their footage for obvious errors with phones and this show, unfortunately, was just another martyr in the OS on wrong phone/major-OS mistakes category. However, it was nice to see this shining beauty of a phone.

    On the episode that debuted last night, several hours ago as it happens, at the end of the episode, the main character gets a call from a flackie who asked her out. The call is on the Bold 9700 and the call looks fairly good in nature. Full battery, call screen looks good. When the secondary main character does the main character a favor and ends the call without answering the screw up happens.

    It goes to the main screen, and it shows a depleated battery, red and possibly blinking though this is a still shot on the phone. Low battery caution over the time. It's afternoon in the show, light about noon-3 be shadows, but the phone says 8:38 PM, and last but not least the radio is off and wifi is on, so they wouldn't have had a call anyways. Also, the phone's call setting is on Vibrate, but it rings as loud as possible, ouch Hollywood, that hurts.

    Possible this call was so tempting that it totally drained the battery, because with the hit of one button the radio goes off, and the battery goes from 100% to less than 5%. So, maybe "Faber" (an FBI agent who is calling her) is actually the devil making the most long distance call from **** and the signal takes the entire battery to connect, or they just threw some screenshots onto a green screened Bold 9700 and threw caution to the wind.

    In any case, it's nice to see another RIM product rightfully brought to it's place in the immortal film industry, if not to be slightly hurt by carelessness in the end.

    Keep those eyes open CrackBerry Nation!

    J Mark reporting out.
    04-22-10 02:57 AM
  2. EGerhardt's Avatar
    Good spot

    To be fair to the props department, I imagine they started with a fully charged BB and multiple takes or having to shoot on another day is why the battery drains in the next shot. They probably nuked the radio and stuck it on vibrate to stop any unwanted audibles from destroying a take.

    Still... Not too bad as far as TV portrayal of blackberry goes. We have to give them a little elbow room for the practicalities of film making :P
    04-22-10 03:45 AM
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    I also spotted a Bold 9000 I believe it is being used by Playboy model Tess Taylor in her new show on E called Pretty Wild. If you haven't seen this you should check it out, it's pretty hot, especially episodes 4 and 5.
    04-22-10 08:34 AM
  4. YuriYoko's Avatar
    They probably killed radio to prevent the dreaded dut dut dut audio interference

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    04-22-10 01:12 PM
  5. jlb21's Avatar
    I love that show.
    04-23-10 12:38 PM