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    Mods: not sure where this topic belongs but I just needed to post it!
    I was at the London Heathrow airport in a short layover on my way to Portugal with the Mrs. I'd visited the UK back in 2006 and I had some British pounds leftover and thought it would be great to use them during the layover. As we were having our meal I noticed a guy sit down next to us and he puts his Classic down on the table. Nice to see!

    So, my wife and I just finished eating and asked for the bill. Bill came and I paid with the pounds I had. But apparently the money I was using wasn't being accepted at this establishment! The money 10 and 20 bills weren't in use any more? The guy beside us pipes in and basically says that the waitress is wrong for telling us she can't take our money since it's legal tender and that he just used the same bill last night! And asks for the manager. Manager comes by and gives us the same explanation and we could go change it at a bank if we needed to. Since, there no banks at the airport and we were only there for a couple of hours that wasn't a great solution.

    So the guy was getting his bill as well and asks the manager to pay for our bill and we could give him the money since he's able to use it. Such a nice gesture! BlackBerry user or not, it was greatly appreciated by us. Turns out he's a doctor from the States, who's British, and couldn't handle the absurd explanations we were getting lol. I think it was a little bit of generosity that went a long way for a us in a foreign land. And it didn't hurt that he saw my Q10 and he said 'nice phone', in which I responded 'you too'.

    I doubt you'd ever read this post but if you are, I just want to let you know that you really did help a couple of people out that morning! Thank you very much!!

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    05-08-16 05:05 PM
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    Nice story.

    I'm sure he was a genuinely good guy. But I do notice that when you meet another BlackBerry user in the wild, there is a "connection", almost like you're good friends. Especially a BB10 user. I think partly because it's so rare in the wild, and partly because people only use BB10 who specifically CHOOSE to use it. No one goes out to buy a smartphone and gets a BlackBerry - they specifically go out to buy a BlackBerry (sad truth this day in age).

    P.S. I would file this under general discussion.

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    05-09-16 01:12 AM
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    Nice story loving to read it
    05-09-16 02:07 AM
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    Awesome read OP! And it's true about the comradery when you see another Blackberry user.
    05-09-16 02:27 AM
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    Thanks everyone for the positive comments! I'll also add that in Lisbon, I've seen 3 Passports a couple of Classics and a Priv on the plane. It's nice to see Blackberrys out in the wild!

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    05-09-16 09:28 AM

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