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    Hello all BB lovers,

    This week i have sent StickerDump vector files of all the favo Blackberry logo's and icons.

    U can easy order them online and paypal and iDeal is possible.

    Just go to this url: StickerDUMP.com - Just cool stickerz ! under Android u find the BB and Rim stickers, maybe this week the Spark is also there.

    Blackberry & RIM stickers at StickerDump.com-51c_3.jpg
    Blackberry & RIM stickers at StickerDump.com-51c_2.jpg
    Blackberry & RIM stickers at StickerDump.com-51c_1b.jpg
    Blackberry & RIM stickers at StickerDump.com-51c_1a.jpg
    11-04-12 09:47 AM

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