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    08-20-15 06:35 AM
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    I failed twice at posting my longer reply, i think the NSA snagged it ...

    Last pasted comment below. I was talking about how all mention of BlackBerry seems to try to put a negative slant on even positive information. "less-secure" BlackBerry, and the comments about the work-issued BlackBerrys being 'outdated,' making me wonder if it means they are issued BB7s instead of BB10s, and if so is that because they are easier to secure.

    I have to leave now without reposting my pic of Hillary holding her phone, which kinda looked like a new blue Classic to me.
    The revelation suggests that Clinton used her own, less secure BlackBerry, while at the State Department.

    Clinton was reportedly not allowed to use her BlackBerry on the secure seventh floor of the State Department, where her office was located.
    08-20-15 09:57 AM

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