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    Everywhere there is violence, it is a fact well known to all, but today in the news of my country saw a story that saddens me as a person, but as a fan of Blackberry fills me with satisfaction.

    A police suffered an attempt on his life, he was shot from a short distance (3-7 meters) in 7 occasions with good luck for the police that he hit just 2 rounds. One did it in his stomach and another hit on its Z10 wearing on the upper left pocket of his uniform, right in front of your heart. The Z10 stop the bullet and avoid a fatal outcome for this cop.

    If not for the Z10, the police probably would not be telling you the story ...

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    06-06-14 07:21 PM
  2. Warlack's Avatar
    Mythbusters busted this one a long time ago.... link or it didn't happen....

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    06-06-14 07:23 PM
  3. opalma's Avatar
    Let me look if the video is already on the website of the news, but I'll upload the video or to reach to make the news (the audio is in Spanish)
    06-06-14 07:29 PM
  4. opalma's Avatar
    Mythbusters busted this one a long time ago.... link or it didn't happen....

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    Done... in the website don't find the video, so playback in my DVR the news and recorded and upload to YouTube...

    From BB Z10...
    06-06-14 08:47 PM
  5. bambinoitaliano's Avatar
    PSA: Now kids don't use it as a bullet proof vest.....
    06-06-14 08:48 PM
  6. targnik's Avatar
    Heart is in centre of chest...

    Ph stopped a perforated lung - also likely fatal

    06-06-14 10:53 PM
  7. Anilu7's Avatar
    Very cool!! It's definitely a Z10 in the video.
    06-06-14 11:56 PM
  8. Prem WatsApp's Avatar
    Go the Zeddy!

    "No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "
    06-08-14 06:14 AM

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