1. drycube's Avatar
    Every since I downloaded the recent 10.2 update on my Z10, my blue tooth device, BlackBerry Music Gateway, doesn't work with my phone anymore. Pre-update, it worked flawlessly, it's also an excellent device I might ad. Anyone else having this problem or any suggestions??

    02-05-14 02:04 AM
  2. rebroker2009's Avatar
    I have no issues with my gateway, perhaps remove and refind

    Q10 with Leak Installed
    02-05-14 02:14 AM
  3. drycube's Avatar
    In regards to my previous post, never mind, I simply needed to delete the device, then have my phone rediscover it. It's working once again. However, if you don't own the BlackBerry music gateway, like I said before, it's a phenomenal product that can be used to connect your blue tooth devices, phones, tablets, BlackBerry or not to your home audio system. I paid $50 for it and have had it over a year now and haven't regretted it at all. It may be cheaper now, I don't know, but it was worth every penny if you asked me!!

    02-05-14 02:14 AM
  4. drycube's Avatar
    Thanks rebroker'09 anyway , did just that and just saw your thread after I posted my second thread. Peace.

    02-05-14 02:17 AM

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