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    Verizon has hinted at interest in expanding into Canada.

    The three big Canadian carriers (Rogers, Telus, Bell, together referred to as RoBelUs, but I prefer RobUsToHell) trying to convince the public that their prices are fair and that basically they've done us all a huge favour building out their networks and boo hoo don't let US carriers in.

    There is a lobbying group that USED to include Moblilicity, Wind and Public, but those three left the group in protest because of the oligarchic shenanigans of the big three... then I see this ad saying that "Carrier prices in Canada are among the lowest in the world" or something.... which made me throw up in my mouth, because the only carriers that have really competitive prices are Wind, Mobilicity and Public! The lobby is using their COMPETITORS as proof that we don't need regulation or something, and the regulation is what allowed those three to exist in the first place.

    Doesn't it just get your goat? For me, they got my goat, killed it, set it on fire, ra*ed it and dragged it behind a pickup for a few miles.
    08-09-13 12:22 AM
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    I despise the big three. If I were to switch to Wind, I would get service that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, especially after getting better coverage by moving downtown. I would lose LTE, though; the government better step in, smack the big three in their faces and give the little three some of the LTE spectrum.
    08-09-13 12:41 AM
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    I've got some time here -- so -- if you look at the US market seriously for a second: AT&T and Verizon are the top dogs. Yes, T-Mobile and Sprint are nationwide, but most people will tell you their signals blow.

    If you were to look at AT&T and Verizon's in-market 5/6GB of data and unlimited nationwide calling and texting, they are much higher than what we have in Canada. Case in point, see the attachments.

    AT&T will charge you $69.99 for unlimited voice, add on $50 more for 5GB of data. Want unlimited messaging? Add $20 more.
    Monthly AT&T will charge you $139.99 before tax for all of this. You also get basic voicemail.

    Verizon will charge $80 for a "Share Everything" 6GB data plan with unlimited nationwide calling and text messaging. They also offer basic voicemail. You then have to pay $40 for each phone you want to access that plan. For one line you're looking at $120.00 before taxes, per month.

    Now, let's look at Rogers... $100 a month will get you 6GB of data, unlimited nationwide calling and unlimited picture, video and text messaging. For $5 more you can add visual voicemail and a few other features.

    Bell offers basically the same plan as Rogers.

    With Telus' new 2 year terms, you can get 6GB of data for $75, plus $35 for unlimited nationwide calling and texting. Caller ID and basic voicemail included. Total per month: $110.00... Prior to Telus' plan changes, they offered the same as Rogers and Bell.

    Yes, I know. Wind/Mobilicity is cheaper - but I'd like to have service when I visit a mall 10 minutes outside the city... or in my basement.

    Yes, I would love to have lower prices - but I'm getting tired of people saying the US is cheaper and how we are paying so much more up north.

    The Big 3 Canadian Cellular Carriers propaganda blitz: Stinks? or Reeks?-att.jpgThe Big 3 Canadian Cellular Carriers propaganda blitz: Stinks? or Reeks?-verizon.png
    08-09-13 01:15 AM
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    Can you do an apples to apples comparison?Telus iPhone 16 gig 2 year:

    I believe for $40 per month you can add other devices to the Verizon plan so that all the "members" can share the plan... so for three people the cost is $200, which is only $66 each.

    The Telus plan can share the data, but doesn't each phone have to have a separate voice plan, which is going to be more expensive ($240 for 3 people for example) which is $40 per month, which is almost $500 per year inclusive of tax.
    Attached Thumbnails The Big 3 Canadian Cellular Carriers propaganda blitz: Stinks? or Reeks?-telusplan.png  
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    08-09-13 08:33 AM

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