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    ok, i cant post this in the marketplace since its not Mobile related... and really im not sure where else to even try? (dont say ebay.. i hate ebay! lol) - so i thought there MUST be some gamers here! and surely someone wants to get BF3 but doesnt want to pay full price..

    back story as to why i am selling it:
    So, a site i follow on facebook (massluminosity) does giveaways all the time... sometimes just randomly they pick a member/follower to win. Well.. i have been chosen and won an Origin Download of BF3! Yay! only problem is, i already have 2 copies!!
    My son and I both play.. so I am already out $60 x 2 + $15 x 2 for the DLC... thats $150!

    so... anyone interested in buying it? $25?

    let me know!

    03-21-12 10:15 AM