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    Yes this is legit and allowed to be posted (read the email below). Centercode is a great beta testing company I have worked with for a few years. Read the email below and apply if it is something you would like to try.


    We are pleased to provide you with an exciting new beta test offering for our community members that live and/or work in the New York City metropolitan area. The product is a portable web browser designed to be easy to use and to provide a very robust browsing experience. The device will come with an activated account, so you will not need to use your account with it or switch from your current phone to participate.

    You will need to have a mobile phone with active service to participate. Please feel free to share this beta test opportunity with friends, family or coworkers in the NYC metro area that you think may be interested in participating.

    Thank you,

    The Centercode Beta Test Team


    Please click the following link to apply for this test:

    07-02-08 01:42 PM