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    On last Wednesday's "Off the Hook", Bernie S mentioned he uses a Z30.

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    05-01-15 09:39 AM
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    No question. Just a FYI tidbit.

    I suppose it is reassuring that the phone of choice of a hacker is a BlackBerry.

    I do question picking a phone where you can't remove the battery. Maybe he keeps a foil pouch handy when he doesn't want to be tracked.

    Reading the wiki on Bernie S, he doesn't sound particularly dangerous. People swap crystals at ham swap meets.

    The Red Box charge is kind of lame since he wasn't caught using it. At the time, the phone system security was so bad that you could play a tone into the payphone and the phone company thought you inserted money. (Essentially every smart phone is a Red Box. )

    Jobs and Wozniak were phone hackers, though a decade earlier. I didn't think any of those hacking tricks would still work a decade later.

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    05-02-15 09:02 PM

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