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    But all im hearing is "My cell phone this, my cell phone that" does anyone care about the influx of unattended alien children coming in or the call for a militia in Texas? I don't mean to get political or anything but does ANYONE care? I read something like 84% of Americans have no idea what's been happening this month. This is scary and I'm on the cusp of either fighting with the militia or moving out of country. Just have no idea where.

    Double typed without the help of AutoCorrect. Q10,
    07-12-14 01:45 PM
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    Mods: If I crossed some boundary, let me know. But I NEED to talk to like minded people.

    Double typed without the help of AutoCorrect. Q10,
    07-12-14 01:46 PM
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    Well, you are straying into the political, which isn't where we like to see threads go. So, no offense, but I'm going to have to close the thread.

    As an alternative, why don't you consider starting up a BBM group to discuss those issues with like-minded CrackBerrians?
    07-12-14 01:51 PM

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