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    I expect a number of you travel for work, please be careful where you stay.

    This morning I woke up in my Hilton Garden Inn room and killed one on the sheet.

    Report Bed Bugs | Bed Bug Reports | Bed Bug Hotels and Apartment Search

    According to this website, both Hiltons in town have a problem, so this is not just a third world problem (this is in the US) or one isolated to dumpy hotels. Two Marriott properties in this town apparently have issues as well.

    I got out of there pretty quickly after taking a close look at my stuff to make sure I had no hitchikers.

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    02-13-15 03:27 PM
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    yikes! good thing you saw it!
    02-13-15 04:38 PM
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    Scary. A few weeks ago I was on the train when out of the corner of my eye I saw motion on my parka near the zipper. It was one of those lentil shaped bastards. I killed it and then when I got home I had bags brought to me. Stripped naked in subzero weather on the deck. Everything I was wearing went into the dryer on high heat (several batches).

    If you're wondering why the dryer, it is because high heat kills them. Part of the reason for their spread is because people are cheap and don't dry their clothes enough at shared machines.

    I think it was an isolated rider. Nothing has been seen since anywhere.

    I no longer sit in the corner seat on the train. It was also the favorite spot of scruffy types. Now I sit in more exposed visible spots to minimize risk.

    Be safe!

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    02-13-15 05:18 PM
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    Ouch! Originally thought this was going to be another post about OS10 bedside mode deficits.
    02-13-15 05:26 PM
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    Omg frikkin god this totally grossed me out and yes I do travel sometimes for work. I geuss we have to be vigiliant!

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    02-17-15 01:03 PM
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    Can't remember ever being affected,
    I guess Australia is pretty safe. :-)

    Hope they don't carry or transmit any germs, like moskitos do. The Wikipedia article mentioned something. Yuck!

      Telstra has the Classic now, "got it in two weeks agow"...  
    02-17-15 03:29 PM