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    Hi, Trkiye Blackberry users and have opened a support site. We'll be happy if you visit our site.

    BlackBerry Türkiye
    Thank you.
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    07-22-10 07:10 PM
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    Do not make no comment for our website?: D
    07-23-10 11:05 AM
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    Mmm. Turkey sandwich....
    07-23-10 11:08 AM
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    Mmm. Turkey sandwich....
    bon appetit
    07-23-10 11:16 AM
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    I like stuffing on my turkey sandwiches.
    07-23-10 01:37 PM
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    Damn, that sounds good! Never thought of that before..

    I like ranch, cheddar and bacon on my turkey sandwiches. Mmm mmm.
    07-23-10 01:48 PM
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    Friends do not turkey, Turkish Blackberry Forums
    07-23-10 07:22 PM