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    read bottom up....


    i paid for 2-5 business days (attached picture AND my order).

    1. it says when selecting the options that "how would you like your products to be "delivered' not shipped (this makes me expect it to arrive at my door step within 2-5 business days.
    2. if the postal service is slow, i should have at least gotten the tracking number saying the priority mail has left, as per the email that says i will receive a tracking number that shows my product is shipped.

    Please follow up on my order and let me know a detailed reason as to why this has happened and what the team is doing to address this issue.

    Thank you,

    From: BBM Shirts <bbmshirts@gmail.com>

    Hello Naveed,

    We ask that you allow 2-4 weeks for delivery and since it is the holiday season, the post office it extremely slow. You package should be arriving soon. Thanks for your order.

    - Riz
    Sales Manager
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    Subject: [STATUS] order #


    can you please send me details on my order, i still have not received any tracking number, and my order was placed on dec 16th.

    thank you,

    Thank you for placing your order with BBMShirts!

    This email is to confirm your recent order.

    Date 12/16/2011

    Shipping address

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    1x BBM Me!!! - HOODIE - HOODIE / BLACK / M / BBM Pin: for 35.00 each

    Subtotal : $35.00 USD
    Shipping : $9.99 USD
    Total : $44.99 USD
    12-28-11 12:24 AM
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    Dude, chill, ordering anything during the holyday season will take a lot longer then normal, I waited 7 working days for a first class delivery(next day)

    Also you don't know if they're based in US and any internet vendor will tell you you have to wait up to 30 days because only after that you can put an insurance claim.

    Not every delivery comes with a tracking number.

    Learn to have some patience.

    Look at it this way, if the postal office delivers 10 million items daily and they have a 99% success rate, how many items will be lost or late? 100000 items
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    12-28-11 04:47 AM
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    my frustration got the best of me, i absolutely understand the delay; i think i just expected a tracking number that showed that bbmshirts did their part to expedite the order based on the extra shipment cost that i paid for (2-5 business days) and the delay was actually on the postal end. and since i did not receive a tracking number i assumed that the delay was not on the postal end rather it was on the vendor end - and they were passing the blame onto the postal. which brought me to my point of why did i pay for expedited shipment of 2-5 business days to be delivered, and it has been more than that and the item has not even been shipped yet. and then as a response i got that expect it to be 2-4 weeks (and i was supposed to read the faq's before ordering) ... i think they are based out of cali; regardless i also understand that the delay during the holiday season can be on the vendor side. i am just crying and complaining (first world problems) when i really shouldn't be - maybe i expected a response that said "sorry for the delay, your shirt is gone for printing, and there is a delay on our side and we will ship it out as soon as possible; or we have already shipped it out on this date, and the package is now with the postal service). just a bit more of a detailed answer rather than a redirection to the FAQ that says you should have read this before where you should allow the packages 2-4 weeks.

    i will say this though, BBMshirts email response time from an actual live person (not automated email) is quite exceptional! even during the holiday season. they have gotten back to me almost instantly! FTW

    //end rant
    12-28-11 12:15 PM
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    Here's an extract from an order I placed yesterday:

    "Please Note: Standard UK delivery time is 3 to 5 working days. However, please allow at least 21 days for delivery before contacting us, as we are unable to investigate with Royal Mail until this time has passed. If you have ordered a large item, please check that your local Royal Mail sorting office is not holding it for collection."
    12-28-11 12:47 PM