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    I thought I'd create a new form of poetry specific to the Blackberry. I call it the BBM Haiku. Does anyone know if this has been thought of / done before?
    Its not to be confused with the BBM Haiku contests run by various sites , where you win a Blackberry for writing a Haiku about your 'Berry.
    The BBM Haiku will be a poetry form structured around the Blackberry Messenger Status message.

    The rules will be as follows:
    # No more than 64 characters long, including spaces (yes, I know, its kind of obvious).
    # 12 syllables, regardless of the number of words. (approximately equal to the 17 "on" in traditional Haiku).
    # 3 phrases.
    # Can be about any topic.

    That's it!

    Here's my first attempt:
    Cold touch. Phone changes hands. Modern Intimacy.

    What do you think (about the idea, that is, not the attempt)?
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    Already a thread for this in Off Topic.


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    Bk beat me to the link.

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    That thread is for Haiku ABOUT the Blackberry. This is different, its about any topic, written IN the BBM Status message.
    03-03-11 01:43 PM
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    This thread will still get moved to ot.

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    Thanks for posting the link. I`d looked around around already (on the web as well as in Crackberry) to make sure I wasn`t `tiefing someone else`s idea. I dunno, seemed like a good idea at the time...
    03-03-11 01:45 PM
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    Ok, thanks hootyhoo.
    03-03-11 01:46 PM
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    Hmmm... Time will tell on this one. I mean come on, can you imagine an entire genre of poetry designed to conform to the peculiarities of one specific device? There are few other ways of giving the BB some real love than to create a form of poetry designed around it. Come on BB community, don't leave me hanging on this one!
    03-03-11 03:19 PM