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    Sooo. I'm cheating on my Bold. Marjorie Stewart-Baxter is taking the backseat to a new (to me), used Torch which I am absolutely infatuated with and can't seem to put down. Thing is, I feel AWFUL about it.

    I know most of the CB community has multiple devices, whether it be work/play, or just two+ "play" or personal Blackberries for the sake of having them. But HOW do you find the time to give them both the attention they need?! I love my Bold; I got it first, a few months ago, and I haven't put it down since... until the Torch came into my possession. I can't say that I like one device more than the other; but at the same time the "new shiny" situation has got me totally hooked. Face it, the Torch has me wrapped around its finger for the time being.

    So, for all you multiple users out there, how do you do it? Do you carry both (or more) phones with you and switch cards at whim? (I realize CDMA users have it a little tougher.) Do you pay for two BIS accounts just so you can use both phones at the same time? Being a college student, I can't really do that, but I still try to give both phones enough face time.

    Currently, I DON'T switch my email accounts between the phones. I'll register my Torch on the network when I use it, but select "No", when it asks me to transfer email accounts, so that my Bold has most of my email accounts, paid pin-specific license apps, etc. I feel like this is a way to ensure that my Bold is still important to me, as I hate having spent money on such a beautiful device and not using it. However, I've loaded up my Torch with free apps that are at least similar to the paid ones I've collected for my Bold, and given the Torch its own BBID so as not to have app world automatically transfer the pins for apps and render my Bold impertinent.

    What are your tips and tricks for device switching?
    04-18-11 02:06 PM
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    I have my activated Curve and my deactivated Samsung Transform on wi-fi for interacting with my boyfriend who has an EVO. We play words with friends together and I play Angry Birds here and there, but I do EVERYTHING on my Curve. Usually the Transform stays in the drawer until he goes to work
    04-21-11 04:33 AM