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    Before the announcement of the "Key 2" I was filled with optimism and hope now I'm just filled with disappointment and frustration...

    The "Key 2" is a miss for TCL and Blackberry as a whole,
    Look like many of you I love the "Passports" keyboard one of the greatest examples of what Blackberry was able to do when they were on there own...
    The Key 2 is a prime example of you can't catch lightning in a bottle twice.

    Heres 3 things I think Blackberry needs to focus on with their operating system to better cater to the physical keyboards on there future phones:

    #1 A keyboard designed with keys similar to the Blackberry "Bold" 9800 series of smart phones...
    I mean this was the prime example of a physical keyboard by Blackberry but keep the "Gesture Based" typing of the passport.

    #2 stop making the phone so awkward to hold.

    #3 Design the next Blackberry with a physical keyboard with the best of what BlackBerry did prior to the acquisition by TCL (Like the Passport and Priv).

    Let me know what you would change about the "Key 2" below.

    Here's to hoping the "Evolve" series of smartphones do well 😧
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    08-15-18 09:46 PM

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