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    So I was in NYC this past weekend and had an interesting observation. This is not to offend anyone, just a total observation. Saturday and Sunday while walking around times square I saw a lot of people who you could tell were tourists. Many of them younger, and all I saw were iPhones. I thought to myself, where are all the BlackBerries, I know there are more out there than this. Monday and Tuesday was totally opposite. I was walking around and saw more of the people who you could tell worked in the city. Also was down by Wall street for a bit. During this time all I saw were BlackBerries. It was just so interesting to me how it totally changed. The weird thing is I hardly saw any Android phones, AT ALL. I thought that was weird considering the numbers and market share that is always thrown around. Anyway, again this is just an observation that I thought I would share. Doesn't mean a dang thing.
    09-30-11 04:06 PM
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    I was in NYC last year. Same thing I saw. We rode the subway and buses and all the locals had BlackBerrys. Tourists... Many had iPhones. And as you saw, I was struck by how few Androids I saw.

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    09-30-11 04:30 PM