05-18-08 01:53 AM
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  1. Adlen's Avatar
    I'm going over there later this year.

    Aww, I was about to start a PIN conversation!

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    04-22-08 04:34 PM
  2. Ryzo's Avatar
    the mini usb on the side of the phone is deff broken, on inspection and comparing with my brothers 8100 - one of the small golden pins inside it is bent/missing. So it looks like i'll need either another usb (which i assume solders onto the board - which for me, would be out of the question lol) or a mother board like you mentioned - will getting a new motherboard wipe the phone completely? have you fitted one before? do i just follow one of those videos on you tube and refit it? All i need is a screwdriver and a tool to pry the phone apart right? sorry to be a pain
    04-22-08 11:55 PM
  3. Adlen's Avatar
    You're not a pain lol.

    It will wipe it, yeah. And tool-wise a T5 screwdriver and a prying tool should do.

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    04-22-08 11:59 PM
  4. Ryzo's Avatar
    hehe cheers mate, have you done one before?
    04-23-08 12:00 AM
  5. Adlen's Avatar
    Nope! I work with computers all the time though.

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    04-23-08 12:48 AM
  6. Adlen's Avatar
    1 more post 'til 1,900!

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    04-23-08 12:49 AM
  7. Ryzo's Avatar
    Not only have I been a Web Developer, but I worked as an ICT Technician for 3 years - however, phones to me are a whole different story - alot more fiddley :P haha, so a motherboard would be easy to fit and will have everything on it then just the usb port?
    04-23-08 12:51 AM
  8. Adlen's Avatar
    The mainboard will have the USB port, audio jack, etc. on it. Should be easy to fit.

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    04-23-08 01:22 AM
  9. Ryzo's Avatar
    Are there any UK based sites selling 8100 mobo's? or do you have one I could buy off you mate?
    04-23-08 02:04 AM
  10. Hazysky's Avatar

    I have no idea if you would find a mobo from a uk shop. Not even sure if there are any blackberry repair shops in the uk. Try a google search.

    Most people would buy a faulty one for parts of eBay I guess.

    You gotta weigh up the cost of fixing it against purchasing a fully working one.

    If you can get a mobo for next to nothing & it works then you have cracked it

    If you are wary of doing it yourself ( I would be too lol ) see if you can find someone who could do it for you.

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    04-23-08 03:19 AM
  11. Ryzo's Avatar
    Looked into most of what you have said above all ready - there are plenty online repair shops, but none doing parts themselves, which would work out cheaper than sending it off for repair (both methods still leave me with an extremely cheap 8100 which im chuffed about). And ive seen some of the videos on youtube which just involve unscrewing and sliding out the mobo (disconnecting the screen) and thats about it tbh, nothing to technical at all. However, if Adlen can get hold of a mobo or knows where to get one - it would help me considerably thats for sure, im hopin for the day when i can post on here from my BB
    04-23-08 03:23 AM
  12. Adlen's Avatar
    I don't have one handy like but as I said, I'm lookin' for a faulty or 2 to rip parts from. If I get one I'll get you the mobos. Email me your address anytime and I'll send it as soon as I get it.

    Looking on eBay all the time.

    I'm on a coach with school lol

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    04-23-08 04:08 AM
  13. Hazysky's Avatar
    If all goes well it shouldn't be long before you post from the wap site

    1 question though, when you replace the motherboard are you actually referring to just the screen area of the BB, where the usb port is?
    You will not end up with a different device pin number or anything like that? (The BB's engine or whatever you call it will not be replaced) Sorry if its a stupid question!

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    04-23-08 04:18 AM
  14. Ryzo's Avatar
    It was my understanding the mobo is the board in the case that has everything on it which the screen is connected too, i dont know the in's and outs so im not sure about the PIN number etc (or quite how the PIN number all works yet etc) - im assuming its like the ID of your phone that you enter to chat to people etc?
    04-23-08 04:26 AM
  15. Hazysky's Avatar
    Yeah its the device I'd for setting up email, pinning & using BB messenger.

    Whatconcerns me though is if the motherboard is from a bb that was on o2 for example would that BB be locked to the o2 network & would the pin have been released from the previous owners account to enable you to set it up.

    Adlen will know what I am getting at.

    Looks like a school trip for Adlen today, anywhere nice ?

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    04-23-08 05:34 AM
  16. Hazysky's Avatar
    If the screen part is all you are using then it should be ok.

    Might be worth your while checking if the seller of your bb has had the pin released from their blackberry internet solution account though. No point in repairing the BB if this hasn't been done.
    To find the pin & imei numbers go to options > status on the BB.

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    04-23-08 05:59 AM
  17. Adlen's Avatar
    If you replace the mobo you will get a new PIN and new device memory.

    Not really nice- 2 hours in the Liverpool Metro Cathederal with a preist who'd been smoking something he shouldn't have! He was dancing and everything!

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    04-23-08 07:45 AM
  18. Hazysky's Avatar
    Lol @ the dancing priest!

    It's a lovely n warm day here & I'm stuck in the office

    Met a friend for lunch so that was nice.

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    04-23-08 08:00 AM
  19. Adlen's Avatar
    He was crazzzzy!

    TOO warm here! Sitting in a half-glass cathedral!
    04-23-08 09:25 AM
  20. Hazysky's Avatar
    Hi again,

    Waiting for the apprentice to start
    04-23-08 02:24 PM
  21. Adlen's Avatar
    The Big Bang Theory tonight and NUT teacher strike tomorow

    Also, it turns out the American NIKEiD site has a little more choice

    Click the image for a better look. Also look at the tags on the bottom one!
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    04-23-08 02:36 PM
  22. hal737's Avatar
    mclovin....i like the sneakers not sure what you told me you call em?

    i don't like top left or right....just my opinion. but the others are rockin....

    teacher strike tomorrow...MCLOVIN HOLIDAYYY
    04-23-08 02:40 PM
  23. cate's Avatar
    whatever happened to jellies?

    04-23-08 02:46 PM
  24. hal737's Avatar
    omg jellies!!!!!!!!!! i loved those!!! I had them in every color

    04-23-08 02:50 PM
  25. Hazysky's Avatar
    All are ok except top left.

    What are jellies?

    EDIT : oh those ^^ I was thinking crocs or something.
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    04-23-08 02:54 PM
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