05-18-08 01:53 AM
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  1. Adlen's Avatar
    Heyy! Yeah; friendliest BB place.

    I gotta get back to lessons so I'll let you 2 continue your chat cya xx

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    04-09-08 04:55 AM
  2. Hazysky's Avatar
    Ah ah the joys of school breaktime - prob just long enough for one post lol!

    Loved your pic too cate - very cute & very impish you were.

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    04-09-08 05:03 AM
  3. Ryzo's Avatar
    Good moooorning everyone!! Hoping il be able to pop a post on here from my BB I got in contact with a repair company - and if all else fails, they said they could repair the charging block unit for 34 quid? Sound about right to any of you guys? Thats still a 60 quid phone if it works, so still kinda cheap :P but who knows, may not have to go to those lengths!
    Its a beaut of a day over here just took a quick brake from work to get out on the motorbike, and was a lovely ride! Hope everyones doing well!! =)
    04-09-08 05:51 AM
  4. Adlen's Avatar
    Hey Ryzo! 60 quid aint bad and you might be able to do it yourself for cheaper!

    20 minute break, 50 minute lunch - ugh. I wanna go home.

    Where abouts are you from Ryz?

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    04-09-08 06:05 AM
  5. Ryzo's Avatar
    im hoping the latter to be honest, but who knows Im from down south, Essex your from Liverpool right? (lol assuming your location thing is up to date :P ), where abouts are you at the moment then, school? college?
    04-09-08 06:07 AM
  6. Adlen's Avatar
    Yeah, just outside Liverpool. I'm in school and I need a break!

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    04-09-08 06:19 AM
  7. Ryzo's Avatar
    Lol you tell 'em :P !!
    04-09-08 07:04 AM
  8. Hazysky's Avatar
    Ah, we've got an Essex boy

    That would be great if the usb port can be repaired. Is that the same thing as a charging block?

    Its great to be able to post on and read the forum from work or anywhere away from the PC!

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    04-09-08 09:00 AM
  9. Ryzo's Avatar
    An Essex guy indeed haha but dont worry! I'm not all that bad :P
    I believe so, I think thats what there reffering too
    Yeah, i bet it is, usually i take my work laptop around with me - but being able to do it from a phone would be a whole lot easier ! and more pratical too =)
    04-09-08 09:12 AM
  10. Adlen's Avatar
    I believe the Charging block is the gold thing that touches-up your battery to keep the BlackBerry running. I might be buying some faulty BlackBerrys soon so I could rip a USB port off one and send it to you or send you an 8100 motherboard; to make it easier.

    Y'see, Hazy- THIS is why I want faulty BBs!

    On my way home now; good times. I have to walk; bad times.

    I'll let you know what I can get off of the faulties...

    ...there's a guy like 5 minutes away from my house offering an 8700g (USB!) but when asked 'how much will you stop the bidding for and can I collect it?' He told me to make him an offer and that his mrs. doesn't like home collections so I have to pay 5 postage and packing. Why can't we just meet and save us BOTH some trouble??

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    04-09-08 09:37 AM
  11. Ryzo's Avatar
    Sounds like he's under the thumb a bit and your an absolute star!!! thanks, ill see how it goes when iv got the phone with me, and decide what action will need to be taken =)

    Its been a long day for me! I dont do well with early starts :P was down gym first thing this morning aswell lol, wasnt the best idea nevermind , so whats everyone got planned this evening?
    04-09-08 10:01 AM
  12. Adlen's Avatar
    He's asking what we're doing this evening; the boy's in the BatBerry gang!

    Might just chill out with a movie. You?

    I don't like me early mornings either but it's late nights and early mornings for me every day

    Mr. Ryzo- are you any good with a soldering iron?

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    04-09-08 10:09 AM
  13. Hazysky's Avatar
    Should my Pearl ever break I will just post it to Adlen to be repaired lol

    Mates rates of course!

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    04-09-08 10:15 AM
  14. Adlen's Avatar
    Haha! Of course glad you trust me like that!

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    04-09-08 10:22 AM
  15. Hazysky's Avatar
    By the way there are girls in this batberry gang too lol.

    Just wait till you get your bb ryzo, the lack of sleep becomes quite normal lol

    Wednesday nights = Tesco for me and the apprentice on TV

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    04-09-08 10:25 AM
  16. Adlen's Avatar

    There are girls in here...

    And what she says abut the lack of sleep is sooo right! I haven't slept the same since I found CrackBerry, I love it here but I haven't put my head down with the intention of sleeping before midnight in over a week. Possibly 2. Yeah, 2. I'm either on here or chatting to CB people on BBM...
    04-09-08 10:28 AM
  17. Ryzo's Avatar
    Me + Soldering Irons dont get on lol, like i said, dont really have the patience lol. And is iv discovered, there are indeed ladies here haha, i found out the hard way, by getting a telling off Not to sure what il be doing with my evening, be a lazy evening for me i thinks - and yeah, im up at 6am, and sometimes i wont get my head down till 4am, luckily, work hasnt been quite demandin of late - so im making the most of it lol.
    04-09-08 10:59 AM
  18. Adlen's Avatar
    Whatta ya do for a living then?

    I'm getting down at 1, 2 or 4 and getting up at 6:30.

    Well you're gonna need SOMETHING to fit that USB port on! Chewy? Sellotape? Glue?
    04-09-08 11:21 AM
  19. Ryzo's Avatar
    Web developer mate, do a bit of IT Tech now and then aswell lol indeed i am, i can see it now - My franken-phone :P
    04-09-08 11:25 AM
  20. Hazysky's Avatar
    Lol I don't tell people off ... I just correct them nicely

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    04-09-08 11:31 AM
  21. Ryzo's Avatar
    that you do its just cos im special though! :P
    04-09-08 11:34 AM
  22. Adlen's Avatar
    Ooooh. I do a little bit of webby design and quite a bit of techying in my spare time. It makes the so I do it!
    04-09-08 11:36 AM
  23. Adlen's Avatar
    Hey, don't be gettin' big-headed lol. Just kidding, do what ya want matey!
    04-09-08 11:37 AM
  24. Hazysky's Avatar
    If ya say so ryzo lol.

    Catch you later, got shoppin to do!

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    04-09-08 11:47 AM
  25. Adlen's Avatar
    See ya later Haze.
    04-09-08 11:55 AM
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