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    09-24-14 08:10 PM
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    Oh boy! Never thought all that was possible!
    09-25-14 05:29 AM
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    Not affected

    On September 24, 2014, details were released of a vulnerability in the bash component of Linux. This statement addresses that Linux Bash ?Shellshock? vulnerability.
    While investigations are still ongoing, BlackBerry smartphones, services, desktop clients, BES5, and BES10 are not impacted by this Linux Bash "Shellshock" vulnerability.

    Affected Software:

    ? None
    Non Affected Software:

    ? BlackBerry 10 smartphones

    ? BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5

    ? BlackBerry Desktop Manager, BlackBerry Link and any BlackBerry software or services running on any platform other than a BlackBerry 10 device.
    Read the BlackBerry Security Overview

    Posted via CB10
    09-26-14 02:28 PM

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