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    Meaning: As more people come to believe in something, others also "hop on the bandwagon" regardless of the underlying evidence.

    The first documented use of Bandwagon jumping occurred in 1848. Since then the bandwagon effect has been used in countless ways. The most popular use of bandwagon jumping is in sports. Often a team becomes extremely popular in a short amount of time. As they grow in number of fans, they draw in those who never followed them until they became a successful team. Once the team falls back into their average success, those new bandwagon fans leave and move on to the next popular team.

    The Bandwagon effect has a huge impact in the world of technology. Simply looking at the mobile space in the past 15 years you will be able to see the major overall effect it had on corporate businesses. Taking a look at the three major mobile platforms in the past 15 years: Research In Motion, Apple and Google.

    Research In Motion or RIM has experienced an up and down effect with Bandwagon users. In the late 90's and early 2000's RIM's overall user base grew by millions each and every year. They drew in their target audience of business clients as well as the average consumers. Many of those consumers started using a BlackBerry because everyone they knew had one and everyone was telling them to get it. Having a BlackBerry was an icon for all. It said you were smart and set to conqueror the world's problems. However, as Apple and Google started making their gain in the mobile space, RIM saw a major drop in users and revenue. RIM today is a company with a major overhaul, and a new mission statement. They are focused on winning back consumers who moved to its competitors, with its upcoming new BlackBerry 10 platform.

    Bandwagon jumpers hopped onto RIM's BlackBerry brand shouting out to all, "Join us because BlackBerry is the way to go." When the competitors launched their first devices those wagon jumpers left the BlackBerry wagon to join another. This time it was Apple and Google's turn to feel the effect of Bandwagon Jumpers.

    Apple and Google have a huge user base and control the majority of the mobile world. Their customers are quiet and go through life as if they never experience the Apple or Google bandwagon. They are the consumers who left BlackBerry to join Apple and Google without really knowing they jumped to another wagon. They switched devices because everyone around them had one and was telling them its cool, and its old using a BlackBerry.

    Today, thousands of BlackBerry users show support for their choice in the mobile world daily by posting in forums or on social media networks. Part of the reason BlackBerry as a device still exist is because of those fans who still honor and cherish their little BlackBerry phones. Another Bandwagon effect will be underway in the next coming years as a giant becomes an average corporate business. It could be Apple or Google falling back in customers and gaining in true fan support as they fight to keep their devices alive.

    Bandwagon jumpers not only bring a company alive, but also kill off a business. They give thousands of people a job, as well as kill thousands of jobs. Bandwagon jumpers have an ever lasting effect on the world. Have you ever been a part of a Bandwagon? Are you willing to support your choice until the end?

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    11-10-12 08:21 PM
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    I'm on the Bandwagon bandwagon.
    11-16-12 10:30 PM
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    I keep falling off the dang wagon! Someone keeps moving it on me.

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    11-18-12 02:41 PM

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