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    I just noticed something checking for Amazon reviews. Along the same vein as this story, I did the same thing for Amazon to see what people buy. Done using incognito mode cause I thought my search history may have been skewing the results. Just typing one letter and taking the first autocomplete result that comes up.

    A = Apple TV
    B = Blackberry Z10
    C = iPhone 5 case
    D = Doctor Who
    E = External hard drive
    F = Free Kindle books
    G = Galaxy S3
    H = Headphones
    I = iPhone 5 (double duh)
    J = Juicer (this one made me )
    K = Kindle (duh)
    L = Laptop
    M = Macbook pro
    N = Nexus 4
    O = Otterbox iPhone 4
    P = PS3
    Q = Quickbooks Pro 2013
    R = Roku
    S = Samsung Galaxy S3 (2nd appearance!)
    T = Tablet
    U = Under Armour
    V = Vans
    W = Watches
    X = Xbox 360
    Y = Yoga mat
    Z = Zumba

    Not sure what that means, if anything, but the Z10 has taken the top spot for letter B. Take that, Bioshock Infinite, Beats by Dre, and baby registries!
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    04-22-13 03:25 PM
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    Likely due to frequency of searches from global users, since Apple TV seems to take precedence over anything Amazon-branded. Still awesome though

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    04-22-13 03:29 PM

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