1. Username00089's Avatar
    Yes because there are plenty in downtown L.A. and they confuse the heck outta me

    Does Ottawa suck?
    03-23-10 09:08 PM
  2. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    YES Ottawa does suck, glad I only have to be here for 1 and a half days!

    Are you drinking tonight?
    03-23-10 09:09 PM
  3. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    I have to have a biopsy done tomorrow so no.

    Are you?
    03-23-10 09:09 PM
  4. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    Yes I am!, in Hotel Bar is nice, expensive, but nice. maybe drinking too much....
    but ottawa sucks!

    so um ya
    Ever drive the wrong way down a 1 way street?
    03-23-10 09:13 PM
  5. xxtrrublexx's Avatar

    How many speeding tickets have you recieved?
    03-23-10 09:14 PM
  6. Username00089's Avatar
    Once, but it was on purpose.

    Wanna punch me right in the stomach?
    03-23-10 09:14 PM
  7. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    Of course.

    Will you choke me?
    03-23-10 09:15 PM
  8. Username00089's Avatar
    Oh yeah I will

    Wanna yank my chest hair?
    03-23-10 09:16 PM
  9. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    I don't know you, BUT yes I do wanna punch ya in the stomach,

    I've had 11 speeding tickets, I believe.

    Should I iron my clothes tonight or wait till morning?
    03-23-10 09:16 PM
  10. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    I don't iron clothes or even own an iron.

    Do you consider me sloppy?
    03-23-10 09:17 PM
  11. Username00089's Avatar
    No I don't. I don't iron either.

    Should I care that my jeans aren't ironed?
    03-23-10 09:20 PM
  12. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    No you shouldn't

    am I waaayyy to slow tonight?
    03-23-10 09:22 PM
  13. xxtrrublexx's Avatar

    Will you buy me an ice cream?
    03-23-10 09:22 PM
  14. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    Yes I will!

    if you find my pants.

    Will you drive?
    03-23-10 09:24 PM
  15. chad177's Avatar
    yes ill buy you ice cream

    what else do you want?
    03-23-10 09:24 PM
  16. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    A new truck, a new purse, hair extensions, and a new canoe.

    Can you do that for me?
    03-23-10 09:25 PM
  17. chad177's Avatar
    yea sure

    what kind of truck?
    03-23-10 09:28 PM
  18. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    Anything as long as its a Ford.

    You got that?
    03-23-10 09:33 PM
  19. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    I love you!

    Yaaa Ford!

    wait that is drunk talk with the love but yaa ford

    Do you like the Raptor?
    03-23-10 09:42 PM
  20. Sensesfail99's Avatar
    **** no. Ford trucks are weak

    Why would anyone buy a ford truck?

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    03-23-10 09:44 PM
  21. chad177's Avatar
    because they are good trucks

    is it wrong that im a chevy truck fan too?
    03-23-10 09:48 PM
  22. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    yes it is
    Can't talk to you :P

    Corvette or Mustang?
    03-23-10 09:54 PM
  23. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    Do you like the Raptor?

    I'd marry it if I could.

    Mustangs only.

    Only sissies wear bowties.

    Do you like BMW's?
    03-23-10 09:55 PM
  24. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    I'd marry it if I could.

    Mustangs only.

    Only sissies wear bowties.

    Do you like BMW's?


    if I am going german I'll take a merc

    What do you think of the 2011 Ford Super Duty's?
    03-23-10 10:12 PM
  25. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    Obviously I like them.

    What do you think of all the alcohol your consuming?
    03-23-10 10:20 PM
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