1. ShiPanda's Avatar
    Nothing that I know of yet.

    Do you like pancakes?
    03-16-10 06:32 AM
  2. thinkamp's Avatar
    oh yes!!

    who doesn't like pancakes!
    03-16-10 06:34 AM
  3. ShiPanda's Avatar
    people who are weird.

    Try to have a good day ok?
    03-16-10 06:34 AM
  4. thinkamp's Avatar
    you do the same missy!

    where did Mal run off to?
    03-16-10 06:36 AM
  5. ramalam's Avatar
    I'm still here. Trying to wake up/fall asleep.

    Got plans today amber?

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    03-16-10 06:50 AM
  6. thinkamp's Avatar
    work and then hitting the gym. *loads gun*

    gonna wake up or go to sleep?
    03-16-10 06:53 AM
  7. ramalam's Avatar
    I haven't decided yet. I haven't gone to bed yet

    What should I do?

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    03-16-10 06:54 AM
  8. thinkamp's Avatar
    If you are tired I would say go to bed.

    Did you have a long night?
    03-16-10 06:55 AM
  9. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    Yes. Ex's are frustrating.

    Whats up for today?
    03-16-10 06:57 AM
  10. ramalam's Avatar
    Very long but it was good

    I work in 5 hrs

    Power nap?

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    03-16-10 06:57 AM
  11. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    I would. I don't function well on lack of sleep.

    Why don't you go to bed?
    03-16-10 06:58 AM
  12. ramalam's Avatar
    Busy atm

    Mac and chz for breakfast?

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    03-16-10 07:00 AM
  13. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    Yuckkk. I wouldn't.

    How about oatmeal?
    03-16-10 07:01 AM
  14. thinkamp's Avatar
    Personally I can't even do that...I have to at the least have some kind of cereal.
    I hate oatmeal.

    Power nap?!
    03-16-10 07:02 AM
  15. ramalam's Avatar
    So bad idea?

    Will you come to my funeral if I die from exhaustion?

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    03-16-10 07:06 AM
  16. thinkamp's Avatar
    You aren't gonna die!! Go take a power nap.

    Is whatever you're doing more important that sleep missy?
    03-16-10 07:08 AM
  17. ramalam's Avatar

    So was that a no to my previous Q?

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    03-16-10 07:11 AM
  18. thinkamp's Avatar
    Must be your gf...that your doing. lol.
    Yea I'll come, but h3ll TX is a big state.

    Was I right about what is more important?
    03-16-10 07:12 AM
  19. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    Drinking is more important then sleep....

    Gonna do any celebrating tomorrow?
    03-16-10 07:29 AM
  20. thinkamp's Avatar
    prolly not...gonna go see my nephew

    do you know how much i love that little kid?!
    03-16-10 07:39 AM
  21. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    Haha. I think I know. I love my nephew too.

    I'm half asleep again. Another coffee?
    03-16-10 07:42 AM
  22. thinkamp's Avatar
    Oh yes! Make it two!

    Think I should go make us some coffee?
    03-16-10 07:43 AM
  23. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    Sure. I need it. I'm trying to do homework but it's not working out too well.

    Should I go for a walk on this beautiful day?
    03-16-10 07:45 AM
  24. thinkamp's Avatar
    YES!! I'm hitting up the gym today to meet with a trainer. ICK.

    You gonna hit up the gym today? Or is it an off day?
    03-16-10 07:49 AM
  25. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    I'll go tonight to lift but I'm gonna go for a walk outside first. I hate being in the gym when it's nice out.

    Do you always stretch after a work out?
    03-16-10 07:50 AM
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