1. KillYouWithMyMind's Avatar
    Ooooh Jimmy! Yes I am...

    You? If not, how long you been together?
    03-02-10 03:59 PM
  2. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    Sure am.

    Are you flexible?
    03-02-10 04:01 PM
  3. highjakker's Avatar
    lol depends on which definition of flexible...easy to get along with:yes.

    how long have you been single?
    03-02-10 04:01 PM
  4. xxtrrublexx's Avatar

    Whats your favorite season?
    03-02-10 04:02 PM
  5. highjakker's Avatar

    morning person or late nighter?
    03-02-10 04:05 PM
  6. Username00089's Avatar
    Depends what day it is.

    Isn't great not being married?
    03-02-10 04:06 PM
  7. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    It sure is. I wouldn't trade my freedom for anything.

    Do you ever want to get married?
    03-02-10 04:11 PM
  8. Username00089's Avatar
    No. Never, ever.

    Plans for the weekend yet on this Tuesday?
    03-02-10 04:13 PM
  9. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    Well all my classes have been cancelled for the rest of the week so my weekend starts tomarrow. House party at a friends tomarrow night. Then bar hopping Friday and Sat. Maybe Karaoke on thursday.

    03-02-10 04:15 PM
  10. Username00089's Avatar
    For the weekend, not too sure yet. Spontaneous is the f29

    House party on a Wednesday?
    03-02-10 04:16 PM
  11. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    Yes. Haha. Gotta love them Canadians.

    Never had a party on hump day?
    03-02-10 04:17 PM
  12. Username00089's Avatar
    Maybe in high school

    Did you cry when the Olympics were over?
    03-02-10 04:24 PM
  13. 12MaNy's Avatar
    Yes....out of joy.

    Who's the boss?
    03-02-10 04:29 PM
  14. KillYouWithMyMind's Avatar
    Either Danza or Springstein.

    Flying... awesome right?
    03-02-10 04:30 PM
  15. Username00089's Avatar
    Tony Danza.

    Too close for comfort?
    03-02-10 04:30 PM
  16. 12MaNy's Avatar
    Depends on if you're a dude, or a chick.

    Eat the worm?
    03-02-10 04:32 PM
  17. xxtrrublexx's Avatar

    03-02-10 04:32 PM
  18. 12MaNy's Avatar
    Only if I'm s**t-housed.

    Metal, or rap?
    03-02-10 04:34 PM
  19. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    Metal, please.

    Techno or pop?
    03-02-10 04:35 PM
  20. 12MaNy's Avatar
    Well....if someone had a gun to my head, I guess I'd choose pop.

    Any ridiculously big scars?
    03-02-10 04:37 PM
  21. xxtrrublexx's Avatar
    No big ones. Only random ones.

    Ever punch a hole in a wall?
    03-02-10 04:37 PM
  22. dariddler02's Avatar

    If you win the lotto, whats the first thing you buy?
    03-02-10 04:38 PM
  23. highjakker's Avatar
    an island!!

    do you play the lotto?
    03-02-10 04:39 PM
  24. 12MaNy's Avatar

    Favorite alcohol?
    03-02-10 04:39 PM
  25. xxtrrublexx's Avatar

    Favorite type of bar?
    03-02-10 04:40 PM
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