11-20-12 07:16 AM
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  1. Adlen's Avatar
    Chaz you playa!

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    03-27-08 12:46 PM
  2. mzshey2x's Avatar
    Marilyn Monroe, Bradley Nowell, Chris Meloni, and Dane Cook.

    What color is your car?
    ahhh, chris meloni & dane cook i couldn't resist either!

    favorite dead celebrity - tie: humphrey bogart & ole blue eyes

    favorite member of the breakfast club?
    03-27-08 01:00 PM
  3. Dr. Newport's Avatar
    BENDAAR!!! (Judd)

    Favorite Raiders of the Lost Ark Movie?
    03-27-08 01:09 PM
  4. mzshey2x's Avatar
    temple of doom

    favorite goonie?
    03-27-08 01:13 PM
  5. Dr. Newport's Avatar
    That truffle shuffle kid.

    Gizmo or Stripe?
    03-27-08 01:14 PM
  6. mzshey2x's Avatar

    kellog's frosted flakes or cap'n crunch?
    03-27-08 01:19 PM
  7. Dr. Newport's Avatar
    THE CRUNCH (it wrecks the roof of your mouth after about 3 bowls)

    Scooby or Scrappy?
    03-27-08 01:25 PM
  8. mzshey2x's Avatar
    mmmm, hard one!


    jughead or archie?
    03-27-08 01:26 PM
  9. Dr. Newport's Avatar
    Jughead. That fool gets to EAT.

    Betty or Veronica?
    03-27-08 01:28 PM
  10. mzshey2x's Avatar

    mario or luigi?
    03-27-08 01:32 PM
  11. Dr. Newport's Avatar

    Ms Pac or Jr. Pac?
    03-27-08 01:35 PM
  12. mzshey2x's Avatar
    ms. pac man

    go karts or bumper cars?
    03-27-08 01:39 PM
  13. Dr. Newport's Avatar
    Go Carts

    Merry Go round or Ferris Wheel?
    03-27-08 01:45 PM
  14. mzshey2x's Avatar
    mmmm, ferris wheel

    favorite roller coaster?
    03-27-08 01:48 PM
  15. Dr. Newport's Avatar
    The Giant Dipper here in Santa Cruz.

    Your favorite Roller Coaster?
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    03-27-08 01:55 PM
  16. mzshey2x's Avatar
    Kingda Ka in Six Flags, NJ

    Craziest 11 seconds of my life!

    disney world or disney land?
    03-27-08 01:58 PM
  17. hal737's Avatar
    Disney world...and you can bet you would never get me on that roller coaster shey!

    east coast or west coast
    03-27-08 01:59 PM
  18. mzshey2x's Avatar
    tie! i love both!

    one song you could listen to forever?
    03-27-08 02:01 PM
  19. joshrussett's Avatar
    bob marley....redemption song

    worst song ever?
    03-27-08 02:02 PM
  20. Adlen's Avatar
    I wish I was here for the Breakfast club question! Bender!
    03-27-08 02:06 PM
  21. mzshey2x's Avatar
    mmm, i've always hated "Hangin Tough" by New Kids on the Block.. they broke my heart when it came out!

    worst movie line?
    03-27-08 02:07 PM
  22. Adlen's Avatar
    The crazy frog

    3 desert island discs.
    03-27-08 02:07 PM
  23. Kara81's Avatar
    Akon doing Michael Jackson's song over... Mama say Mama saa Mama Makasa!!! The absolute worst...

    What's your favorite CD right now?
    03-27-08 02:07 PM
  24. hal737's Avatar
    worst song ever...thats tough....

    “Make Em Say Uhh!” 1998

    i never quite understood it...

    do you have a piece of jewelry you never take off besides a wedding ring?
    03-27-08 02:08 PM
  25. overmydeadberry's Avatar
    yeah i have a 3hearts ring i wear on my right hand...

    what's your guilty pleasure tv show?
    03-27-08 02:09 PM
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