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    Netflix Cuts Deal to Revive "Arrested Development" - Digits - WSJ

    The cult TV series Arrested Development is coming back. But to watch the new episodes, consumers will need a subscription to Netflix.

    Netflix said Friday that it reached to deal with studios Twentieth Century Fox and Imagine Television to be the sole outlet for the revived Arrested Development, which will return in 2013. The show about the dysfunctional Bluth family earned rave reviews and garnered a fervent fan base, but was canceled after three seasons in 2006 after drawing lackluster viewership.

    Twentieth Century Fox produced the series for the Fox network, but the two Foxes are different units. Twentieth Century Fox is a studio that produces shows for other networks; it makes Modern Family for ABC.

    Whats unusual about this deal is that it marks one of the first times that a big studio has produced a major television series for just the Internet. Netflix touted this as a landmark deal in a news release, but it already announced plans to air 26 episodes of the show House of Cards, featuring Kevin Spacey, starting in late 2012.

    So far, fans appear happy. Some took to Twitter to say Great news! and WOOOOOOOOO!

    The announcement comes after a months-long rough patch for Netflix. Customers turned on the DVD-rental and online-video company after it raised prices for a popular service by 60% in July, and then announced a since-aborted plan to spin off its DVD-rental-by-mail into a business called Qwikster in September.

    The Arrested Development deal should provide a minor boost to Netflix, said Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, but it wont make up for the shows that Netflix will lose when its deal with Starz expires early next year.

    Jason Bateman, one of leading actors in Arrested Development, said in a Twitter post in October that the show will have 10 new episodes, which will probably be shot next summer.
    CNet had a bit about it too at Netflix unarrests 'Arrested''s development | Digital Media - CNET News but their site seems to be down right now.
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    I was lucky enough to see them in London in 1994? They were rockin'
    11-20-11 02:26 AM
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    This will get me to reup at some point with Netflix....but I'll drop it like a lead weight after the run of episodes.....
    11-21-11 02:30 PM
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    11-25-11 11:08 AM